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  1. Panzer Dragoon Music Composer, Saori Kobayashi, returns to compose a rearrange soundtrack for Panzer Dragoon: Remake Forever Entertainment’s Panzer Dragoon: Remake social media account made an recent announcement with a video message that the series composer, Saori Kobayashi, would be returning to compose an alternative re-arranged soundtrack for the remake with Alex Aniel as the Sound Producer and showcases a preview of the soundtrack. Players would be able to switch the soundtrack in the game according to the producer of the Panzer Dragoon Remake on Twitter. Panzar Dragoon: Remake is set for release this Winter 2020 for Nintendo Switch and Steam. http://segabits.com/blog/2020/03/25/panzer-dragoon-music-composer-saori-kobayashi-returns-to-compose-a-rearrange-soundtrack-for-panzer-dragoon-remake/ Materia sobre ela de 2018 no blog da Tectoy. Após 20 anos, compositora de “Panzer Dragoon Saga” refaz trilha como sempre sonhou 26/01/2018 https://blogtectoy.com.br/apos-20-anos-compositora-de-panzer-dragoon-saga-refaz-trilha-como-sempre-sonhou/
  2. Sega launches 60th anniversary website, ‘Sega Shiro’ character Sega Shiro portrayed by Hiroshi Fujioka's son Maito Fujioka. Sega has launched its 60th anniversary website, which reveals its 60th anniversary logo and slogan “GO SEGA,” and features a message from Sega chairman Haruki Satomi and an interactive company history. Here is the full message from Satomi: This year, sixty years will have passed since Nihon Goraku Bussan Co. Ltd., the predecessor of Sega, was established on June 3, 1960. We are indebted to everyone who has patronized the Sega Group for many years, and would like to express our deep gratitude to all of you. We want to astonish the world with breath-taking experiences that no one in the world has ever imagined. We want to be a company that continues to provide inspirational experiences to everyone in the new world of the future. That is why we must overcome all obstacles and keep taking on new challenges. The key message of the 60th anniversary, “GO SEGA,” expresses such aspirations. The Sga Group is planning a variety of special contents for this 60th anniversary. Through these special contents, we will deliver the passion of the Sega Group to the entire world. Haruki Satomi Sega Holdings Co., Ltd. Chairman (Representative Director) Sega also launched a sub-website for Sega Shiro, a new character created for the company’s 60th anniversary. Sega Shiro is portrayed by Maito Fujioka, the eldest son of Hiroshi Fujioka, who portrayed character Segata Sanshiro to advertise Sega Saturn in Japan. Here is Sega’s description for the first video featuring Sega Shiro: “The story of a mysterious young man named Sega Shiro suddenly appears for Sega’s 60th anniversary. Just who is this man who keeps saying ‘Sega-dayo!’? And what about the judo uniform he wears over his shoulders?” Watch the Sega Shiro video below. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/03/sega-launches-60th-anniversary-website-sega-shiro-character
  3. IntelliVision Highlights Arcade Remakes/Reboots For Upcoming Console I’ve mentioned the upcoming “Retro revival” game console by the name of the IntelliVision Amico before, and this week they released a new trailer to showcase some of the games that will grace the system. This provides very brief looks at reboots of Breakout, Asteroids, Missile Command, & Moon Patrol, which should be available for the system possibly around launch time this October. I’m still a little skeptical about this platform, and not just because I never cared for INTV back in the day…apart from going up against stiff competition as a gaming device this Winter (which is seeing the launch of the PS5, XBSX, possibly Switch Pro) the controllers are something I’ll have to try in person to make a judgement on. https://arcadeheroes.com/2020/03/21/newsbytes-shutdowns-expand-more-amusement-expo-vids-rampage-topper/
  4. Samurai Shodown for PC launches this spring Due out via the Epic Games Store. The PC version of Samurai Shodown will launch this spring via the Epic Games Store. The news comes via a new video highlighting the Epic Games Store’s new titles for spring. (Update 2:10 p.m.: The official Samurai Shodown Twitter account also tweeted the announcement.) Here is an overview of the game, via publisher Athlon Games: About Samurai reboot! A brand new Samurai Shodown game takes aim for the world stage! Samurai Shodown has enjoyed worldwide success as a blade-wielding fighting game series since its first release in 1993. 11 years have passed since the last series installment, and it is now time for Samurai Shodown to return in a brand-new game featuring high-end visuals and gameplay! Faithfully reproducing the game mechanics and atmosphere that contributed to the success of the series, Samurai Shodown includes a revolutionary feature that learns players’ game actions and patterns in order to create CPU-controlled “ghost” characters. With its story set one year before the very first installment, warriors and combatants from various backgrounds and with their own goals are about to battle to fulfill their destinies! Key Features Carrying on the Legacy – The new game aims to bring the same tense and exhilarating battles that the series is known for. Intense and epic battles are back! Evolving the Presentation – Using the power of Unreal Engine 4, the series is able to achieve a level of detail never before seen for a totally new visual experience! A Revolutionary New AI system – Using revolutionary Deep Learning AI, the game will learn from player tactics and create Ghost characters which players around the globe can share and fight against. Samurai Shodown is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and Stadia. Watch the Epic Games Store spring highlight video below. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/03/samurai-shodown-for-pc-launches-this-spring
  5. tambem estou assim por estar a algum tempo de cuidador de idoso (meus pais)... agora mesmo estava jogando Horizon Chase Turbo e Street Fighter Vs Tekken de mini game no celular Sonic Runners Adventure. De PC recomendaria estes bate meio com o que procura em todo caso deixei o trailers de cada para voce julgar melhor para sei interesse Sonic Mania Plus ou Sonic Lost World Dust a Elysian Tail o ultimo de tiro com historia que zerei foi Binary Domain
  6. obrigado pela informação nunca vi uma tv de polegadas baixa com essas entradas sempre vejo somente com av (boa parte sem rca vermelho) e rf
  7. Sega launches 60th anniversary website, Segata Sanshiro-related announcement teased for March 25 Sega Saturn judo fighter mascot staging a return? Sega has launched a teaser website for its 60th anniversary, which it will celebrate on June 3 this year. The company was established on June 3, 1960. The teaser website was discovered via a QR code included in a photo of a judo uniform posted by Sega Japan on Twitter today. The QR code links to 60th.sega.com/segashiro, which features a man in a judo uniform reminiscent of Segata Sanshiro, a fictional character created by Sega to advertise Sega Saturn in Japan between 1997 and 1998. The page is titled “Sega 60th Anniversary Ambassador, Emergence on 3/25.” The text reads, “Six days until emergence.” By visiting the parent website, simply 60th.sega.com, the following message appears: The message reads: Hello!! SEGA FANS Ah! So you’ve come to this page. You must really like Sega!? Please wait a little longer until the site is open. ♪ As noted by DualShockers (thanks for the tip), Sega generally holds Sega Fes around the end of March to mid-April, which has hosted announcements such as Sakura Wars for PlayStation 4, the Shenmue I & II collection, and more. Sega has not announced a Sega Fes for 2020 and is unlikely to do so (at least for its usual window) given the impact of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, so it is possible any announcements it may have been planning for such an event could come digitally in celebration of its 60th anniversary. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/03/sega-launches-60th-anniversary-website-segata-sanshiro-related-announcement-teased-for-march-25 Nos comentarios no site: Looks like it may be Segata Sanshiro's son. The belt is embroidered with せがれ (segare), which incidentally means "one's son." I don't know anything about judo, but apparently it's common to get your name embroidered on the belt according to a Google search I did two minutes ago. So this could be Segare Sanshiro we're looking at.
  8. Nas vezes que fui ao banco no passado foi para saber de uma cobrança de 30 reais mensais referente a um negocio chamado "cesta de serviços" que foi logo resolvido,minha conta e poupança,depois relativo a cobrança de cartoes de credito manutençao algo assim,que nao pedi e ou usei, tentei pelo autoatendimento e pelo internet bank mas sem sucesso me pediam para ir a agencia. A atendente na época me perguntou se eu usava o caixa dentro do banco com atendente disse que nao todos os serviços eu realizava no caixa eletronico ou em casa pelo programa do banco. Sobre filas quando fui buscar os remedios aqui na farmacia gratuita havia uma grande (nao lembro de ter visto assim) e o espaço na sala e pequeno acabei desistindo como ainda temos a medicaçao e nao se trata de uma urgencia deixei para outra semana vou ligar antes como fiz na epoca que fui ao banco para saber o dia mais calmo.
  9. sim ja na epoca do inicio dos anos 2000 os moveis de PC ficavam com a parte de cima afundada pelo peso dos monitores de tubo...pela CPU tambem na lateral.
  10. Lembro que foi um dos primeiros jogos que o usuario @Pyron aqui do forum fez melhoramentos na parte grafica acho que ainda tem o topico dele aqui na seçao retro tambem possui um canal no youtube
  11. Nas Bancas daqui nada /-: duas que vou mantem o estilo "banca de jornal classica" ambas com mais de 30 anos
  12. With all of the bad news out there right now, all good news is welcome. We’ve already covered just how much change has come to the arcade scene thanks to the Exa-Arcadia company and their EXA Board platform, and that’s continuing as they sign bigger names to bring content to the platform. That in turn means more new games for arcades. This summer will see a return of a very well-known name, a company that got started on the coin-op side and helped truly establish the bullet hell genre. Having started with Don-pachi in 1995, CAVE released many notable games in the coin-op format, but that ended with DoDonPachi Saidaioujou in 2012. The company has released content to consoles & PC since then, so they’ve still be around. Now CAVE has announced that they are officially supporting the EXA, with an updated release of Dodonpachi Saidaioujou, which carries the “EXA Label” subtitle for now. Not much info is available on this now, apart from this line: “Scheduled to be released in Summer 2020, stay tuned for more information regarding new game modes and features that will continue the high level of operator revenue performance set by the exA-Arcadia platform.” Part of that revenue performance that they are referring to is that Aka & Blue Type-R reached the #3 spot for earnings in Japan. Thirst for STGs is still very strong there, and with a name like CAVE & DoDonPachi, I imagine that this will prove to be a popular release. I am curious to see what demand would be like in the US and Europe… https://arcadeheroes.com/2020/03/19/cave-returning-to-arcades-with-dodonpachi-saidaioujou-exa-label/
  13. Sonic the Hedgehog movie gets an early digital release, physical release dated Paramount has announced when we will be able to watch the Sonic the Hedgehog movie at home! The digital release has been moved to March 31st (though Apple TV says March 30th) while the home release on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD will release May 19th. The shift in the digital release is due to the coronoavirus keeping more and more people at home as countries and states issue various orders. Other movies competing with Sonic in theaters have also had similar digital release dates, with Pixar’s Onward hitting digital today and Disney+ on April 3rd, while Birds of Prey hits digital on May 24th. Despite the shortened theatrical run, last week Sonic became the biggest video game movie ever in domestic grosses and will undoubtedly beat more recent theatrical releases due to theater chains temporarily closing and shifting to digital and home video releases. http://segabits.com/blog/2020/03/20/sonic-the-hedgehog-movie-gets-an-early-digital-release-physical-release-dated/ Filme do Sonic atinge novo recorde ao ultrapassar o Pokémon: Detetive Pikachu De acordo com o site Box Office Report, o filme do Sonic faturou mais $2,58 milhões nos Estados Unidos durante a semana passada, o que fez com que ele ultrapassasse o box office do Pokémon: Detetive Pikachu. Com isso, o filme do Sonic se tornou a adaptação de vídeo game mais bem sucedida da história em termos de box office, com um total de $145,81 milhões arrecadados nos Estados Unidos, com o Detetive Pikachu ficando em segundo com $144,145 milhões. Mais uma façanha para o filme do Sonic, que ainda está em exibição em alguns cinemas. De acordo com as projeções do site Box Office Mojo, ontem o filme ultrapassou a barreira dos 300 milhões de dólares no mundo. Vale lembrar que o filme ainda não estreou em países importantes como Japão e China, devido ao Covid-19, ou seja, esse número pode ainda aumentar bastante Creditos: Skar http://www.powersonic.com.br/filme-do-sonic-atinge-novo-recorde-ao-ultrapassar-o-pokemon-detetive-pikachu/
  14. Streets of Rage 4 physical edition pre-orders live, soundtrack composer revealed Streets of Rage 4 physical editions for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch are now up for pre-order at Limited Run Games. Dotemu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games have also revealed the main composer for the game. Olivier Derivière, who worked on soundtracks for A Plague Tale: Innocence, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Dying Light 2 and more. The soundtrack will also feature several guest musicians, with new contributions from Scattle (Hotline Miami 1 & 2), Das Mörtal (Hotline Miami 2), XL Middleton, and Groundislava. These join the already announced guest artist Yuzo Koshiro, however a bit of bad news as Hideki Naganuma has been announced to no longer be able to contribute to the soundtrack due to scheduling issues. Still, the game looks and sounds great and we can’t wait to get our hands on a physical copy! http://segabits.com/blog/2020/03/20/streets-of-rage-4-physical-edition-pre-orders-live-soundtrack-composer-revealed/
  15. Indie characters fighting game Bounty Battle launches for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC this summer Featuring characters from Dead Cells, Guacamelee!, Owlboy, and more. Bounty Battle, an indie characters fighting game for up to four players first funded on Fig, will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam this summer, publisher Merge Games and developer Dark Screen Games announced. Bounty Battle will be available in standard physical and digital editions, as well as a “Signature Edition” for PlayStation 4 and Switch, which is available for pre-order now via the Signature Edition Store. The Signature Edition includes the following: Region free copy of Bounty Battle on the console of your choice. Four limited edition enamel pins featuring Bounty Battle fighters: Atlas, Lazarus, Lilith, and Tyran. Numbered collector’s certificate, printed with the developers’ signatures. 34-page booklet detailing the combatants featured in Bounty Battle. Sturdy “Sierra” box with foam insert. Outer sleeve featuring alternative artwork. Here is an overview of the game, via Merge Games: About Bounty Battle is the ultimate indie fighting game—a new 2D fighter, where you can pit your favorite Indie heroes against one another. Indie heroes from games like Guacamelee!, Dead Cells, Darkest Dungeon, Owlboy, and more battle it out in this fighter frenzy. Bounty Battle features over 25 fighters from over 20 different indie games and each fighter comes with their own Minion companion and unique abilities. Battle across levels inspired from the fighters’ native game worlds with up to three other players. Characters Bounty Battle showcases your favorite characters from these beloved indie games: Awesomenauts Axiom Verge Battle Chasers Nightwar Blocks that Matter Blubber Busters Darkest Dungeon Dead Cells Death’s Gambit Doko Roko EITR Flinthook Guacamelee! Jotun Nuclear Throne Oddmar Owlboy Pankapu Ruin of the Reckless SteamWorld Dig Super Comboman The Bug Butcher Tower of Samsara Key Features A host of game modes including a Story Mode, Couch Multiplayer, Practice, and Tutorial to discover your style. Over 20 characters from your favorite Indie titles each with their own move set and special attacks. Each fighter has their very own minion to summon and join the fight. Over 10 arenas to battle on—some plucked from the worlds of their fighters. Multiple color and palette swap options to fight in style! Watch the announcement trailer below. View the first screenshots at the gallery. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/03/indie-characters-fighting-game-bounty-battle-launches-for-ps4-xbox-one-switch-and-pc-this-summer
  16. Streets of Rage 4 PS4 and Switch limited print physical editions announced Pre-orders open on March 20, run until a week after digital release. Limited Run Games will release limited print physical editions of Streets of Rage 4 for PlayStation 4 and Switch, the distributor announced (2, 3). The game will be available in standard, “Classic,” and limited editions. Pre-orders for the standard and Classic editions will open stating March 10 at 10:00 a.m. ET and run until one week after the digital release. It will be an open pre-order, meaning buyers should not worry about it selling out. Get the details below. Standard Edition Classic Edition A copy of Streets of Rage 4 for PlayStation 4 or Switch Official SteelBook case Custom Genesis Clam Shell case that fits both SteelBook case and standard game case Reversible cover Limited Edition Details to be announced at a later date. Streets of Rage 4 is due out digitally for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam and GOG this spring. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/03/streets-of-rage-4-ps4-and-switch-limited-print-physical-editions-announced
  17. meu vizinho tinha a fita Jackal otimo jogo depois pela emulaçao descobri que foi um port da versao arcade
  18. essa caixa eu considero para mim uma das mais bonitas para video--games meu vizinho ganhou esse modelo o video-game nesse visual e cores acho bonito tambem ganhei de outro vizinho mas acabei trocando depois por uma maquina fotografica na epoca das de filmes...
  19. meu problema aqui e espaço )-: pena que aquelas tvs de 14 e 20 polegadas (acho) japonesas cheia de entrada de conexões ficaram por la
  20. a formula1 a um forte rumor que nao aconteça a abertura na australia como tambem em outros países a equipe mclaren se retirou do gp. a FIA estuda a paralisação dos campeonatos como um todo. acho que vao adiar as olimpiadas mesmo a maioria dos esportes nao puderam ter os torneios classificatorios de atletas para os jogos.
  21. Pode ser que nao seja mas nao duvido...de repente vai acontecer mas sem publico assim como ocorreu em alguns jogos do campeonato italiano e sera no GP o Bahrein de Formula-1 a pedidos dos organizadores e governos ate o momento. Porem outros eventos esportivos estão sendo cancelados acho que todos nestes lugares seja organizadores governos e público concordam com o cancelamento.
  22. aqui no litoral de sp ainda nao foi confirmado nenhum caso mas a suspeitos ate agora realmente me preocupa tanto pelos meus pais quanto eu )-:
  23. Achei interessante pois voce pode "montar um Dreamcast" com todos os upgrades lançados ate agora tomara que ajude o pessoal na parte de desenvolver softwares criar e adaptar jogos emuladores etc
  24. Tem a ver com o topico certo? confundo Doujin com outro nome nao sei se e relacionado a manga /: Yuzumo Design’s “SEGA 60: Creation is Life” Doujin Magazine coming to Kindle in English this April Announced in the last few months, Yuzumo Design, a fan publisher in Japan, will be releasing a doujin magazine celebrating SEGA’s 60th Anniversary called “SEGA 60: Creation is Life” this year featuring fan content from 61 Sega fans (including myself) from 8 countries and celebrating 6 decades of Sega! The magazine will include SEGA stories from fans all over the world, comic artwork, cosplays and many more! The book will be available in Japanese and to the Kindle store in English this April in Full Color with 60 pages for only $6. Here are some sample pages to view in Japanese and English versions of the magazine after the break. http://segabits.com/blog/2020/03/10/yuzumo-designs-sega-60-creation-is-life-doujin-magazine-coming-to-kindle-in-english-this-april/
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