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Found 6 results

  1. [PS1] Hercules (Dublado PT-BR)Todas as cenas de animação do jogo estão dubladas.As cenas dubladas foram extraídas do filme original (versão de Bluray) em que o jogo foi baseado.Adaptação de dublagem feita por diegoshark Fonte: https://psxstation.blogspot.com/2019/12/ps1-hercules-dublado-pt-br.html
  2. Todas as cenas de animação do jogo estão dubladas.As cenas dubladas foram extraídas dos filmes originais (versão de Bluray) em que o jogo foi baseado.Adaptação de dublagem feita por diegosharkFonte: https://psxstation.blogspot.com/2019/12/ps1-lion-king-simbas-mighty-adventure.html
  3. Brasileirão 2019 feito pela equipe WE Legends com os times da série A, B e C. Conteúdo desta versão: 54 times brasileiros 20 clubes da série A 20 clubes da série B 14 clubes da série C + 6 times clássicos e 2 times exclusivos. Master league 100 % AGORA COM TIMES JOGANDO EM SEUS RESPECTIVOS ESTÁDIOS. Novos uniformes, novas chuteiras, escalações atuais, menus atualizados. Fonte: https://psxstation.blogspot.com/2019/11/brasileirao-2019-serie-b-e-c.html
  4. [PS1] Dino Crisis 2 (Dublado PT-BR)O grupo Nemesis Fandubs lançou a versão Dublada em PT-BR de Dino Crisis 2.Elenco Dublagem:Narrador \ Outras Vozes: Filipi Ghedin, Davi Retfield, Samuel R. SilvaRegina - Luna PedrosoDylan - Bruno ShinkouDavid - Juan CastroPaula - Kioko YoshidaDireção \ Edição \ Romhacker: Allan Deivity dos SantosVersão Cheats Tool: Canal Classic Game Hacking Fonte: http://psxstation.blogspot.com/2019/09/ps1-dino-crisis-2-dublado-pt-br.html
  5. PlayStation 1 Mass Storage & ISO Loading Solution 'PSIO' Prototypes Ready Mid-last year a revolutionary device was announced for theSony PlayStation 1 which would soon make playing your collection of classics a breeze. The PSIO, as it is know, is an upcoming device which would let you load PS1 games directly from an SD card. Having been quiet for quite some time, the team behind PSIO have just revealed their hardware prototype. The PSIO if anything is the PlayStation's answer to the likes of Krikzz's flash cartridges for retro gaming consoles. Being able to boot games from a menu driven operating system, one running from removable storage media, will eliminate the need for game discs altogether. While their latest update is nothing more than a photograph of the PSIO chipboard (one which connects to the PlayStation 1's parallel port) it holds great promise for the 32-bit system's future. The arrival of such prototype hardware suggests that it is now only a matter of time before development on the device is finished and we will all have PSIOs attached to all our PlayStation consoles. Unfortunately there is yet to be any video footage showing how the prototype device works, however, we'll be waiting anxiously to see any glimpse of the PSIO in action in the near future. http://www.retrocollect.com/News/playstation-1-mass-storage-a-iso-loading-solution-psio-prototypes-ready.html
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