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Found 5 results

  1. PlayStation 1 Mass Storage & ISO Loading Solution 'PSIO' Prototypes Ready Mid-last year a revolutionary device was announced for theSony PlayStation 1 which would soon make playing your collection of classics a breeze. The PSIO, as it is know, is an upcoming device which would let you load PS1 games directly from an SD card. Having been quiet for quite some time, the team behind PSIO have just revealed their hardware prototype. The PSIO if anything is the PlayStation's answer to the likes of Krikzz's flash cartridges for retro gaming consoles. Being able to boot games from a menu driven operating system, one running from removable storage media, will eliminate the need for game discs altogether. While their latest update is nothing more than a photograph of the PSIO chipboard (one which connects to the PlayStation 1's parallel port) it holds great promise for the 32-bit system's future. The arrival of such prototype hardware suggests that it is now only a matter of time before development on the device is finished and we will all have PSIOs attached to all our PlayStation consoles. Unfortunately there is yet to be any video footage showing how the prototype device works, however, we'll be waiting anxiously to see any glimpse of the PSIO in action in the near future. http://www.retrocollect.com/News/playstation-1-mass-storage-a-iso-loading-solution-psio-prototypes-ready.html
  2. Microsoft saved Titanfall from cancellation, claims report Also: Sony passed up opportunity to share info about PS4 Posted on Thursday 17th Apr 2014 at 11:47 AM UTC By Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, Deputy Editor for OXM Titanfall wouldn't have been released at all without some last-minute investment from Microsoft, according to a fascinating, book-length report on the game's tumultuous development. Composed by Spike TV's Geoff Keighley, the Final Hours of Titanfall is a pretty startling read that includes concept artworks and videos of pre-release versions of the game, in addition to a breakdown of Respawn's almost-ruinous legal clash with Activision. It'll set you back £1.69, and is available on iTunes, Steam and the Windows Store. Among other things, the e-book covers early ideas for Respawn's first game - "Batman with guns" and a Deus Ex-style cyber thriller are two of the standouts - and a prototype that would have put the player in charge of four separate classes - Titans, Pilots, a four-man infantry squad and an undivulged class that may be the basis for a future Respawn game. It describes how Respawn met with Microsoft to discuss the next generation of Xbox - then code-named "Durango" - in January 2012. Programmer Jon Shiring apparently reached out to Sony for information about PS4 at the time, but was rebuffed. "I can't emphasise this enough," he's said to have told a contact at Sony. "Decisions are being made here about our game and we really need to know about the next PlayStation." Instead, Sony suggested that the developer put together a PS Vita version of its first game. The legal battle with Activision - sparked by claims of royalties owed to ex-Infinity Ward heads Vince Zampella and Jason West - was a continual drain. According to several staffers, West grew increasingly detached from the project and the rest of the team - he eventually left Respawn in May 2012. Respawn settled its lawsuit with Activision out of court in June 2012, but was obliged to ask publisher EA for more funds in the fall. The project had become "a massive economic problem", according to EA's then-CEO John Riccitiello. Titanfall was planned as a timed Xbox and PC exclusive, due to a shortage of manpower and resources: according to Zampella, the console version would have been Xbox-only for 13 months. EA had other ideas, however. Here's the relevant excerpt: In order to make the economics work and keep Titanfall alive, EA needed a first-party publisher to invest. Xbox was willing to step up and save the project, which turned out to be a wise bet. Xbox now has one of the biggest games of the year as an exclusive to its platforms, although it lays no claim to any sequels. Download the full thing for more. It's well worth the asking price. Fonte: Total Xbox __________________________________________________ Interessante. Fico pensando quantos jogaços são cancelados todos os anos, sem que nem saibamos. Muitos com até mais potencial que Titanfall. Foda.
  3. Eu ja tinha escutado isso de um amigo que foi no evento da blizzard em sao paulo e ao que tudo indica esta se tornando verdade: ps: sim o mesmo cara da loja retro bando de véia rabugenta uheuhee
  4. É isso mesmo. O DeMolay vai casar. Hoje de manhã eu entreguei meus documentos na mão da patroa e disse pra ela marcar para o dia que ela achar melhor. Ainda pouco ela me ligou dizendo que marcou o casamento pro dia 12 de abril. Tenho 22 dias de "liberdade". Depois disso, já era o DeMo. Aceito recomendações.
  5. Toda oferta que você da é superada pelo usuário "THE_M..." vejam no histórico de ofertas, a fonte tava uns 50 pila eu dei lance até chegar nos 70 e mesmo assim dava mensagem de oferta superada e o tal do "THE_M..." (não sei todo o nome de usuário) estava sempre na minha frente. Percebi que aconteceu com outros usuários também, ou seria alguma configuração feita pelo vendedor? ou seria alguém ligadão esperando o exato momento que alguém da o lance para poder arrematar em seguida? http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-225718243-fonte-corsair-400w-cx-series-potncia-real-e-pfc-ativo-_JM até
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