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  1. https://www.assemblergames.com/threads/a-bunch-of-saturn-dev-software.60654/page-3 It's got a fully working sample for the SNASM2 MegaCD kit, with the vector table setup for the MegaCD debugger (I've been unable to get this working) along with the elusive SEGA.EXE loader. Also seems to have the ISO tools so I can finally get the CD emulator ISA board working. I'll keep digging through, very excited ...there's also a file called 'HORNY' containing a phone number... It looks like there's a batch file which assembles and deploys this whole game to a devkit, I'll get it all set up tomorrow and see if it works Insomnia strikes, so I set up my gear and managed to build the game. Ok, you've found Super Strike Trilogy, an unreleased MegaCD compilation disc! It's very unstable, can't get past the title screen, but the debugger seems to be working (this is the first time I've got the MegaCD side of my devkit working, so I'm relieved!) so I could try and figure out the problem if I get time. Managed to get it into ISO form, enjoy: https://www.mediafire.com/?f5x0d7sdxdjcdwk It's a bit unstable and there's some audio missing.