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Justice Beaver - vem jogo novo pro Super Nintendo!

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vi lá no outerspace umas imagens e resolvi postar aqui...


Justice Beaver is the newest Super Nintendo game coming out in June, 2015.


This campaign is for the newest Super Nintendo game... "Justice Beaver". We at CollectorVision Games are all huge fans of the classic SNES system, and we want to continue to breath new life into this great retro console by releasing a new SNES game for it! The quality of this game, both gameplay-wise and production-wise, will meet or exceed your expectations.
Justice Beaver was initially influenced by a great game called Rick Dangerous, however we have listened to the fans, and we are now making this game completely unique, including one of a kind level designs and new gameplay.
It'll feature four challenging levels with colorful graphics, fun gameplay and challenging enough to warrant high replayability. Justice Beaver uses both a gun and bombs for weapons, and it's his goal to save the world from some evil saboteurs. It's up to you to help him along the way.
It's our goal at CollectorVision Games to produce a quality product that you're excited to own and play, as much as we are excited to produce for you.
This project isn't licensed, endorsed or affiliated with Nintendo. All rights reserved.

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Ia falar que o jogo parece feito pra amiga aí li que foi inspirado no Rick dangerous...

Eh tosquinho mesmo mas o Rick também era.. pra quem não conhece, imagine um spelunky atual com arma ao invés de chicote

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