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Launchbox - Frontend para PC

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Launchbox é um frontend que permite apresentar jogos emulados, de Windows, DOSBox, STEAM, GOG, etc. Do ponto de vista de facilidade de configuração, ele é um dos melhores que já usei. Tem integração com o Emumovies (download de mídia) e tem um database de jogos interno que facilita o preenchimento de informações + sincronização com o emumovies. Um dos recursos mais interessantes é o Bigbox (disponível apenas para quem tem conta premium), versão otimizada para uso com controles.


Download: https://www.launchbox-app.com/download


A versão mais atual é a 6.7. Segue changelog abaixo.



Version 6.7 - Released August 4, 2016

- New Feature: The image type displayed is now specific to platforms in both LaunchBox and Big Box; each platform can have a different associated image type.

- Improvement: Custom themes and views have been extended to allow further styling and visual editing in Visual Studio

- Improvement: Added a default Rocket Launcher emulator with automatic configuration

- Improvement: Added keyboard and controller button mappings for Search to Big Box

- Improvement: Animated gifs are now supported in custom themes/views in Big Box

- Improvement: The Big Box framerate option has been extended to support many more possible frame rates to match various monitor refresh rates

- Improvement: The image rendering quality was improved in several areas in Big Box

- Fixed: Incorrect screenshots were displaying in the games lists when background videos were enabled

- Fixed: The search icon in the Big Box text list's alphabetic index was getting cut off

- Fixed: Big Box screenshots are now centered in the games views

- Fixed: Sorting types of lists other than game titles is now fixed to properly ignore A, An, and The, etc.

- Fixed: Videos could not be downloaded or replaced when they were selected and paused in the game details sidebar (was throwing an error)

- Fixed: Scrape As platforms were using command-line parameters for "Scrape As" platform in the associated platforms for emulators instead of the proper platform name

- Fixed: The mouse cursor in Big Box was automatically showing back up when switching between views and "hide mouse cursor" was enabled

- Fixed: When "Auto-Play Music" is enabled and "Auto-Play Videos" is disabled in LaunchBox, music was not auto-playing if a video was available for the game

- Fixed: Manually playing a video using the Windows Media Player engine in LaunchBox was not stopping any playing music

- Fixed: The DOSBox configuration editor was not populating screen resolutions properly

- Fixed: The default platform clear logos were being saved to disk as JPGs instead of PNGs

- Fixed: Windows Media Player videos are now centered in Big Box in the games views (for vertical videos); however there's a glitch with the VLC playback engine so VLC videos are still not centered

Version 6.6 - Released July 29, 2016

- Fixed: The new Big Box search features were causing errors when used with a controller

- Fixed: The window close button wasn't working when using the default Windows border

- Fixed: When using background videos in Big Box, when a game's video did not exist, incorrect images were sometimes showing as the background and the images were not stretched

Version 6.5 - Released July 28, 2016

- New Premium Feature: Big Box now supports searching with an on-screen keyboard! There's a new Search option in the System view as well as a new magnifying glass icon in the alphabetic indexes. Filtering and searching combined is now possible.

- New Premium Feature: Big Box now has a "View All Games" option in the System view

Version 6.4 - Released July 26, 2016

- New Premium Feature: There is a new option in the Big Box general settings to skip the game details screen; this will make Big Box play your game immediately when pressing enter from the games list views instead of taking you to the game details screen

- New Premium Feature: There are new keyboard mapping and controller button mapping options in Big Box for "Show Game Details Screen" that will take you to the game details if you've enable the "Skip Game Details Screen" setting above

- New Feature: Deleting ROM files when deleting games is now possible; check the box to allow deleting ROM files in the LaunchBox general options

- New Feature: Region information can now be parsed from ROM file names for No-Intro and Goodsets and possibly other naming formats

- Improvement: Many fixes and improvements have been made to the VLC video playback engine in Big Box due to bugfixes in higankanshi's Meta.Vlc library. Video transitions for VLC are now supported as well! :)

- Improvement: Platform and game clear logos are now available from EmuMovies and downloadable in LaunchBox!

- Improvement: A new German translation is now available thanks to Opaklopper from the forums

- Improvement: ScummVM has been updated to version 1.8.1; in addition, if you manually replace ScummVM in the future it will no longer be automatically overwritten

- Improvement: Big Box Options have been restructured to make them much more user friendly

- Fixed: Rare crash when refreshing items from the cache in LaunchBox

- Fixed: Rare issue with non-empty folders when migrating images from 6.2

- Fixed: Manually creating platforms in Manage Platforms was resulting in bad image folder settings

- Fixed: Controller automation should no longer close LaunchBox when using certain emulators

- Fixed: In some games list views in Big Box, the current position in the list was not remembered when backing out from the game details view

- Fixed: Non-premium EmuMovies members were always seeing a single error when importing games

- Fixed: Scrape As was causing issues with default emulators

Version 6.3 - Released July 11, 2016

- New Feature: Platform videos are now supported and can be manually specified under Tools > Manage Platforms. They can also be automatically downloaded from EmuMovies on imports or metadata updates by leaving the Video_System_Intro_MP4 box checked.

- New Feature: Scrape As can be specified under Manage Platforms if you would like to call a platform something different than the defaults

- New Premium Feature: Image priorities can be set in the LaunchBox options for the various types of images; these changes are reflected in both LaunchBox and Big Box.

- New Feature: It's now easy to switch between boxes, 3D boxes, carts, 3D carts, and screenshots in the main LaunchBox images view. It's available under the View Menu or when right-clicking on games (Image Type).

- New Premium Feature: You can now switch between boxes, 3D boxes, carts, 3D carts, and screenshots in Big Box as well. There's an option under Game Images in Big Box as well as assignable key and button settings to switch the image types on the fly.

- New Premium Feature: Themes and custom views are now supported in Big Box! Check the Themes folder inside your LaunchBox folder for details.

- Improvement: Images have been restructured to include all of the various image types on the LaunchBox Games Database. Default image folders will be renamed on startup to match.

- Improvement: When adding new games manually, the platform is now set by default if filtered by platforms

- Fixed: The Force using MAME data feature in the import wizard was not working for non-MAME platforms because it was always filtering to games known to work with MAME

Version 6.2 - Released June 4, 2016

- Fixed: Some additional metadata updating bugs were causing people to have outdated metadata and as a result some images were missing when importing or adding games

- Fixed: Custom filters were not working properly for some translations. If you were experiencing issues, you may need to delete your existing filters and re-create them to fix the issues.

- Fixed: When videos had problems playing with the VLC video playback engine in Big Box, Big Box was erroring out. Replaced this with a more friendly message.

- Fixed: Some occasional errors were showing up when switching views on the fly in Big Box

- Fixed: Windows and Steam imports were still using the old platform name "PC" for Windows games instead of the new proper platform "Windows"

Version 6.1 - Released June 3, 2016

- Fixed: Crashes on startup were occurring for some users upgrading from versions older than 5.10 due to outdated metadata XML files

Version 6.0 - Released June 3, 2016

- New Feature: The latest metadata is automatically downloaded from the LaunchBox Games Database on imports, so local metadata will no longer be out of date from the LaunchBox Games Database. You're also prompted when searching for games whether or not you'd like to update if an update is available.

- New Premium Feature: Big Box now contains a few new views for the games lists: CoverFlow, CoverFlow with Details, and a Vertical Clear Logo Wheel. You can change from the default view by going to Options > Games List > Games List View.

- New Premium Feature: The Big Box CoverFlow image quality and reflection opacity can be changed under Options > General.

- New Premium Feature: Big Box now contains a new view option for the platforms list: Vertical Clear Logo Wheel. You can change to this new view by going to Options > Filters List > Platforms List View.

- New Premium Feature: Big Box now includes an alpha-numeric list for easy navigation in long lists. Simply go left (or up or down depending on the view) to bring up the list.

- New Premium Feature: Big Box now allows you to lock down the interface with a pin, which will prevent all data/options changes. Set the pin under Options > Security.

- Improvement: The VLC engine in Big Box has been revamped to use higankanshi's Meta.Vlc library, which significantly boosts performance, resolves the issues with the black bars, and now allows transitions for the VLC videos!

- Improvement: Game title sorting in LaunchBox and Big Box will now ignore "The", "A", and "And" by default. If you override this with the Sort Title field, this functionality is ignored.

Version 5.10 - Released April 26, 2016

- Improvement: MAME metadata and import functionality has been greatly improved which should help to reduce gaps from the get-go. Also included a link to Antropus's Lightspeed MAME importer for users who need even more options.

- Improvement: Spanish, French, and Brazilian Portuguese translations have been updated thanks to CliveBarker, Wattoo, and AFaustini on the forums (including release notes in the Welcome dialog)

- Improvement: Startup time has been reduced a bit by separating out the MAME metdata to a separate file

- Improvement: VLC videos in LaunchBox and Big Box now loop and resume from pausing properly instead of starting over

- Improvement: The controller AutoHotkey solution has been replaced with custom functionality instead of using AutoHotkey; it is now called controller automation. Due to the numerous issues with AutoHotkey and controllers on Windows 10 (probably due to Microsoft driver bugs), this was a necessary fix. You may need to reset your Controller Automation (previously AutoHotkey) settings in both LaunchBox and Big Box.

Version 5.9 - Released April 8, 2016

- New Feature: LaunchBox will now use 7-zip (included) to extract 7z, zip, and rar ROM files before launching. Enable on a per-emulator basis by checking the "Extract ROM archives before running" box in the emulator settings.

- New Feature: LaunchBox and Big Box now support using XInput for controllers, which should fix the lack of controller support when using a Steam Link

- New Feature: LaunchBox and Big Box now have the option to use VLC instead of Windows Media Player as the video playback engine. There are new options in the Big Box General settings or under Tools > Options> General > Videos in LaunchBox to switch them out. Big Box and LaunchBox use separate settings.

- Improvement: Big Box now has a Frame Rate option in the general settings. Reducing this should help with performance on low-powered systems.

- Improvement: A "Loading Game..." message now appears in Big Box when starting games, which also prevents users (kids) from starting multiple instances of a game. This can be disabled in the Big Box general options.

- Improvement: Platform wasn't showing in the Big Box game details when viewing games with other filter types, such as genre, so it was confusing

- Improvement: LaunchBox now deletes all associated games when deleting a platform. This helps to resolve the issues users were running into when trying to import new ROMs after deleting a platform while the games were still there.

- Improvement: A new License Registration option is available under the Help menu in LaunchBox, which makes it easier to check on license registration status and apply new license files.

- Improvement: LaunchBox now has a splash screen that says what it's doing during load. This can be disabled in the LaunchBox General options.

- Improvement: "Flip Box" no longer persists between launches because it's annoying to come across flipped boxes randomly in your collection and most people would rather them reset after each launch

- Improvement: Updated ScummVM to new official version 1.8.0 and updated the list of ScummVM games

- Fixed: Crash on startup when trying to load a corrupted desktop background image

- Fixed: Several random background and startup crashes due to threading errors, missing data, etc.

- Fixed: Added a better error message/recovery scenario during updates for when the setup EXE file is in use elsewhere and cannot start

- Fixed: In rare cases the game details sidebar video would keep playing in the background when the video was not visible

- Fixed: Invalid file paths in various fields were causing "Illegal characters in path" errors when parsing resource files

- Fixed: MS-DOS games were not searching properly from the LaunchBox Games Database. Going forward, MS-DOS games should use the platform "MS-DOS" (or "DOS", etc.) instead of PC. Windows games should use the platform "Windows".

- Fixed: Clicking the link to the LaunchBox Games Database in Add/Edit was not working

- Fixed: Loading the Options dialog was sometimes crashing due to unfortunate bugs in Microsoft's DirectInput drivers for Xbox One controllers

- Fixed: LaunchBox was crashing on startup in some situations due to unfortunate bugs in Microsoft's DirectInput drivers for Xbox One controllers

- Fixed: Due to the same glitches with Microsoft's DirectInput drivers for Xbox One controllers, AutoHotkey was choking and crashing in various scenarios. For now the AutoHotkey close, focus, and volume features have been restricted to only the first controller attached to the system, which seems to resolve the issues.

- Fixed: The check box combo boxes were occasionally crashing LaunchBox when not selecting anything or clicking the drop down button too quickly

- Fixed: Attempting to switch to Big Box Mode while an operation was in progress was causing crashes

Version 5.8 - Released February 27, 2016

- New Premium Feature: Videos are now available in the LaunchBox game details sidebar

- New Premium Feature: All items can now be hidden or shown in the game details sidebar; change the settings under Tools > Options > General > Game Details

- New Premium Feature: Big Box now includes options to reboot, shut down, or sleep

- New Feature: The file name is now displayed in the game details sidebar (optionally for premium users)

- Improvement: Since TheGamesDB.net has been down for extended lengths of time, we've chosen to remove integration with TheGamesDB.net and use the new LaunchBox Games Database instead. We are working on populating this database and will soon allow contributions to it.

- Fixed: You can now download images in the Add/Edit screen regardless of whether a database ID has been selected

- Fixed: The EmuMovies-related messages in the import and metadata wizards were not displaying properly

Version 5.7 - Released January 9, 2016

- Improvement: The Big Box startup splash screen can now be disabled in the Big Box general options

- Fixed: Imports and metadata updates were stopping without reporting any errors when searching EmuMovies for games with double quotes in the titles

Version 5.6 - Released January 5, 2016

- New Feature: MAME ROMs can now be filtered on import to skip clones, prefer certain regions, and/or skip hacks, prototypes, or bootleg games

- New Feature: EmuMovies images, manuals, and video downloads are now integrated into LaunchBox imports and metadata/images/media downloading

- Improvement: Added delete operations to regularly clean up LaunchBox.xml files that are placed in the temporary folder

- Improvement: Up and down navigation now still works when Recent or Favorite boxes are highlighted in the main Big Box view (was confusing before)

- Improvement: Additional licensing information is now available under Help > About > Premium, including upgrades availability

- Fixed: Big Box option to turn off sorting favorited items first wasn't working in some situations

- Fixed: The updated Add/Edit Emulator dialog had some significant presentation issues with the Spanish, French, and Brazilian Portuguese translations

- Fixed: Threading conflicts were occasionally occurring after save operations due to the new threading performance improvements

- Fixed: Check boxes in Big Box were not displaying for custom and old-school Windows themes

- Fixed: The French translation setup was crashing if prerequisites were required

- Fixed: Big Box now shows up properly in the task bar

- Fixed: Page Up/Page Down in LaunchBox was not selecting games

- Fixed: Additional stability issues with controllers were causing problems while connecting and disconnecting

- Fixed: New platforms were not showing up in Manage Platforms after imports until LaunchBox was restarted

Version 5.5 - Released October 24, 2015

- Improvement: Added some additional safety checks to help prevent cases of XML file corruption

- Improvement: Editing and removing games is now pretty much instantaneous regardless of how large your collection is

- Fixed: When populating games with large collections LaunchBox would sometimes behave like it wasn't responding

- Fixed: Right-clicking in list view wasn't properly updating the selection

- Fixed: The favorite button in the game details wasn't working

Version 5.4 - Released October 16, 2015

- Fixed: Drawing the game details was occasionally causing errors/crashes

Version 5.3 - Released October 15, 2015

- New Feature: New Broken field on games along with settings for both LaunchBox and Big Box to hide broken games

- New Feature: AutoHotkey scripts can now be added to emulators, DOSBox, ScummVM, and Windows games to assist with various things while games are running (such as being able to press Escape to close the game)

- New Feature: MAME ROM imports now automatically populate the correct game titles from the file names, can also force a MAME title lookup for other emulators with the "Force using MAME game titles" check box in the import wizard

- New Premium Feature: A list/details view is now available! Access it under the View menu.

- New Premium Feature: Big Box now has custom keyboard mapping options

- New Premium Feature: The system volume can now be adjusted in Big Box via custom mappings for the keyboard or controllers

- New Premium Feature: Big Box will now optionally sort favorite games at the top and mark them with a star; can be configured in Options > Games List

- Improvement: Editing games is now significantly faster across the board with large collections

- Improvement: Smoother scrolling performance for the game boxes and game details

- Improvement: Removed the "v" when displaying versions for more flexibility

- Improvement: Added default emulator settings for Demul and 4DO

- Improvement: Added the Extras path when launching ScummVM; it is always set to the game data folder

- Improvement: Arrange By Date Added and Date Modified have been reversed to show recent items first

- Improvement: Sounds in Big Box now only play if an action is actually performed

- Improvement: When adding images to games, the correct platform images folder is now shown by default

- Fixed: Added some safety checks to make sure that LaunchBox and Big Box are not running at the same time (nor can more than one instance of either run at the same time), which can cause serious problems with data corruption, etc.

- Fixed: A number of issues with the AutoHotkey controller implementation have been fixed; also, the AutoHotkey folder is no longer necessary in the LaunchBox folder

- Fixed: The AutoHotkey focus LaunchBox button will now focus Big Box instead if Big Box is open

- Fixed: Big Box visuals were sometimes corrupt after returning from a game (especially when changing the resolution)

- Fixed: Starting games took an unnecessarily long time with large collections

- Fixed: XBox One controllers are now supported (though they do not seem to work with the trigger scrolling option due to the axes being configured differently)

Version 5.2 - Released September 5, 2015

- New Feature: New "Hide" field on games allows you to hide games from your collection; useful for hiding games from Big Box or LaunchBox. Hidden games can be shown with "Show Hidden Games" under the LaunchBox View menu or Big Box General options.

- New Feature: Option for emulators to use only the file name and not the file extension or the file path when launching games (useful for Sega Model 2 Emulator and perhaps others)

- New Premium Feature: Big Box can now be filtered by additional fields other than platform

- Improvement: New default emulator settings for Sega Model 2 Emulator

- Improvement: You can now bulk edit custom fields, Video Path, and the new Hide field

- Improvement: Performance has been vastly improved on the platforms screen, when cache images are being generated

- Improvement: Page down and page up buttons can now be held to move quickly

- Fixed: Big Box no longer ignores Sort Titles

- Fixed: Big Box font/spacing sizes were sometimes messed up after coming back from games/emulators that changed the resolution

- Fixed: The Big Box update checks were causing crashes

- Fixed: The options dialog color theme buttons were not displaying the colors

- Fixed: Big Box games list transition setting was not saving

- Fixed: The Steam importer was sometimes showing the "no additional games" error when it should be showing the "could not access your account" error

- Fixed: Games with flipped boxes where the back doesn't exist got stuck without an image

- Fixed: Arcade platforms such as Sega Model 2 were not properly searching TheGamesDB for arcade games

- Fixed: Default banner images were not displaying in Big Box for 3DO and Sega 32X platforms

- Fixed: Big Box no longer crashes when no audio devices are available

- Fixed: The Steam and file importers no longer throw errors if you leave empty items in the list (delete the name without deleting the row)

Version 5.1 - Released August 18, 2015

- Fixed: Searching TheGamesDB and the LocalDB now use platform alternate names properly (for example, you can search for platform MS-DOS and receive PC results)

- Fixed: Could not close the Add/Edit window when changing a platform and an image already exists

- Fixed: Some firewalls were causing LaunchBox to show an error when trying to check for updates and being blocked by the firewall

Version 5.0 - Released August 13, 2015

- New Premium Feature: New Big Box Mode home theater view is perfect for home theater, game cabinets, etc.

- New Feature: Images, Videos, Music, and Manuals are now automatically found and associated with your games when named by title or file name and placed in the proper folders

- New Feature: New platform management functionality allows you to edit platforms and their associated metadata and images

- New Feature: New default platform images primarily thanks to bd000, but also thanks to scree and the rest of the forums community

- New Feature: Images can now be stored wherever you wish, based on platform, in the Add/Edit Platform dialog

- New Feature: A new "attempt to hide console window on startup/shutdown" option has been added to emulators. This will keep the ugly black boxes from showing up for certain emulators; it works especially well for MAME, MESS, and Retroarch.

- Improvement: Added default emulator settings for VisualBoyAdvance-M (Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance)

- Improvement: Added default emulator settings for Kega Fusion SG-1000

- Improvement: The images folder has been restructured to make it much easier to use existing image collections. LaunchBox will automatically find and associate images using game title or file name.

- Improvement: LaunchBox has been translated into Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and French, thanks to cyanjiang, AFaustini, and Wattoo from the forums!

- Improvement: Various presentation issues with high DPI environments have been fixed

- Fixed: In some cases game controllers would stop responding after returning to LaunchBox from a game

- Fixed: In rare cases on some systems LaunchBox occassionally froze on startup

Version 4.9 - Released May 14, 2015

- Fixed: Several issues with the Windows import were causing no games to be displayed

Version 4.8 - Released May 9, 2015

- New Premium Feature: More font options have been added for the side bar and the game details

- New Premium Feature: New option to "Prefer Steam Banners" is available that will show all Steam banners instead of Front box art (Steam banners will always be used anyways if Front box art does not exist)

- New Feature: A new Import Games from Steam Wizard is now available to replace the previous process, and uses the Steam API in order to get all Steam games, installed or not

- New Feature: A new Import Windows Games Wizard is now available that searches for installed Windows games (includes games from GOG and Origin!)

- New Feature: LaunchBox now prompts you with several options for importing games upon startup with zero games in your collection

- Improvement: The import options have been separated out to make them easier to understand

- Improvement: Significant code improvements for best practices across the board; should help to increase both performance and stability

- Improvement: Increased the default font size for games one point to improve default appearance

- Fixed: Some game controllers were incompatible with the Z scrolling, so it is now disabled by default

- Fixed: The DOSBox config editor was not properly saving values in some cases when manually editing combo box values

- Fixed: Zip imports were still causing occasional issues

- Fixed: The Published by line in the game details wasn't working properly

- Fixed: The Download Metadata and Images Wizard caused LaunchBox to temporarily lock up upon finish while refreshing images

- Fixed: The Download Metadata and Images Wizard was no longer properly downloading images from TheGamesDB due to TheGamesDB changing the API (at least it seems that way)

- Fixed: On Windows Vista and Windows 7 using Aero, LaunchBox showed artifacts when closing

Version 4.7 - Released April 16, 2015

- New Premium Feature: Custom fields are now available for games!

- New Feature: LaunchBox is now easily translated! Also, thanks to Clive Barker from the forums, LaunchBox has been translated into Spanish! Select the language from the Options dialog.

- New Feature: New DOSBox configuration editor replaces editing in Notepad with a proper GUI!

- New Feature: Five new filterable and sortable fields have been added to games: Series, Play Mode, Region, Play Count, and Portable

- New Feature: Developer and Publisher fields now support multiple values

- New Feature: New voting system allows users to vote on upcoming features

- Fixed: Crashes could occur ocassionally when parsing icons for the right-click and Game menus

- Fixed: When adding custom emulators, settings from previously selected default emulators were not cleared

- Fixed: When using the AutoHotkey close button to close Kega Fusion, LaunchBox was closing as well

- Fixed: Very rarely a "collection was modified" error could occur

- Fixed: Imports from LaunchBox zip packages sometimes resulted in corrupt configurations

- Fixed: Exporting to LaunchBox zip packages did not include related ROM files (bin/cue)

- Fixed: When using the custom themes, the window was growing slightly with every minimize/restore (and other related positioning glitches)

- Fixed: A certain set of selections in the MS-DOS Installer Wizard resulted in an error message and would not launch DOSBox

Version 4.6 - Released March 14, 2015

- Improvement: Updated the welcome screen video URLs with newest videos

- Improvement: Hid the Upgrade menu item for premium users

- Fixed: Duplicate menu items were being added to right-click context menu and Game menu when additional applications were added to DOSBox, ScummVM, or emulated games

Version 4.5 - Released March 10, 2015

- Premium Improvement: Added new game controller button options for Page Up, Page Down, Flip Box, and Play Music

- New Feature: You can now batch import DOS games with the new Import Games from Files Wizard

- New Feature: You can now drag and drop ROM files or DOS games into LaunchBox to import them

- New Feature: You can now batch update metadata for your games with the new Download Metadata and Images Wizard

- New Feature: LaunchBox will now automatically organize your game files on imports, if asked

- New Feature: DOSBox/ScummVM/Emulators can now be manually launched from the right-click menu for applicable games

- New Feature: The controller's Z axis (triggers) can now be used to scroll (can be disabled in the game controller options)

- Improvement: New Import Games from Files Wizard makes importing ROM files even easier

- Improvement: Imports now happen in the background (you can keep using LaunchBox during the imports!)

- Improvement: Numbers are now sorted first for titles, except when not the first word (so DOOM 3 comes after DOOM, for instance)

- Improvement: Retroarch command prompt windows are now hidden (used WindowStyle Hidden trick like HyperSpin)

- Improvement: Added default emulator settings for Retroarch and PCSX2

- Improvement: Changed the "Launch Random Game" feature to be "Select Random Game" for more flexibility

- Improvement: Updated the local games database from TheGamesDB.net

- Improvement: The left and right arrow keys will now move focus between the sidebar and the games view for easy accessibility

- Fixed: Search box clear button was not rendering correctly when using default Windows styles

Version 4.4 - Released January 27, 2015

- New Premium Feature: LaunchBox will automatically minimize itself when launching games and restore itself on exiting games, if specified in the Options dialog General page

- New Premium Feature: All game controller buttons can now be customized

- New Premium Feature: Close applications, return to LaunchBox, or adjust the volume from anywhere on your computer with your controller (uses AutoHotKey, Options under Input > Gamepad/Joystick > AutoHotkey)

- Premium Improvement: Removing padding restrictions to allow for gapless box art

- New Feature: Screenshots and fanart are now shown in the sidebar (can be turned off in the Options menu, as usual)

- New Feature: LaunchBox now has an option to accept input from any attached game controllers all at once (in case a system has more than one controller attached or switches between controllers)

- Improvement: Added a scrollbar to the game details sidebar

- Improvement: Made sidebar scrollbars take up less space and a little less prominent

- Improvement: Hiding the scrollbar now hides all scrollbars (in the sidebars as well)

- Improvement: Added all missing ScummVM games to the list, and added all specific games instead of generalized options

- Improvement: LaunchBox now allows launching any custom protocol, including Origin custom links (anything that starts with something like "origin://" should work fine)

- Improvement: Added a clear search button to the search box

- Improvement: Added support for Page Up and Page Down keys to games list

- Fixed: Mouse scrolling on hover was not working on secondary monitors

- Fixed: Text was sometimes overlapping selections in the sidebar

- Fixed: Images with upper-case file extensions were being identified as improper image file formats

- Fixed: Same values with different cases were showing up twice in the sidebar but were being used as the same values

- Fixed: Files were extracting to the wrong folder if run from a different working directory than the LaunchBox folder

- Fixed: Arrow keys now work properly in the sidebar (introduced with touch screen swiping features)

Version 4.3 - Released January 3, 2015

- Improvement: Added a delay to the search box search, which should help to prevent it from lagging with every character on large libraries

- Fixed: Occasionally an error could occur regarding the scroll bar

- Fixed: Application command line options were sometimes not being saved

Version 4.2 - Released December 28, 2014

- New Premium Feature: Game counts can now be added to the sidebar from the Options dialog (with the option to align right if desired)

- New Feature: "All", "(None)", and "(Exists)" side bar items can now be hidden, shown, or renamed in the Options dialog; "(None)" and "(Exists)" are now hidden by default

- New Feature: You can now choose to be notified to update to beta releases from the Options dialog (Updates section)

- New Feature: New Manage Emulators option is available under the Tools menu

- New Feature: LaunchBox now automatically knows proper configurations for select emulators and can automatically suggest emulators and settings for various platforms

- Improvement: Emulators now support multiple platforms with different command-line parameters for each platform

- Improvement: Emulator command-line parameters can now be set per emulator, per platform, or per game

- Improvement: The search box can now be accessed using Ctrl+F; the shortcut for fullscreen is now F11

- Improvement: The search box no longer flickers

- Improvement: Empty folders are now added in export packages

- Improvement: The welcome form is no longer mandatory for beta releases

- Improvement: Beta releases no longer disallow hiding the Welcome screen

- Fixed: Touch screen swiping now works with the new themes

- Fixed: Side bar scrollbar wasn't showing up or hiding in some cases when adding or removing games

- Fixed: Side bar was in some cases not showing items until scrolling after changing filter types

- Fixed: Sometimes results were missing from TheGamesDB.net searches when searching subsequent times

Version 4.1 - Released December 16, 2014

- Fixed: Several errors were possible on startup with various non-US culture settings

- Fixed: On rare occasions a crash could occur when using the search box

Version 4.0 - Released December 15, 2014

- New Premium Feature: Custom saved filters are now available via the sidebar

- New Premium Feature: Custom colors and color themes are now supported

- New Premium Feature: An option to use a random color theme on startup is now available

- New Premium Feature: Custom fonts are now supported for the games view

- New Premium Feature: Custom spacing is now supported for the games view

- New Feature: Game details are now displayed in the right-hand sidebar (the hover windows can be re-enabled in the Options menu)

- New Feature: Added a local metadata database to allow searching for metadata even if not connected to the Internet or TheGamesDB.net is down

- New Feature: Added a new "-f" commandline switch to force running LaunchBox fullscreen

- New Feature: Added a search box to the top tool bar

- Improvement: Improved game matching on the Steam import process

- Improvement: Changed the scrollbar hover highlight to be more prominent

- Improvement: The main scrollbar now resizes properly at various DPI settings

- Improvement: Reduced flickering throughout the app

- Improvement: Keyboard and joystick/gamepad navigation has been improved for the sidebar

- Improvement: Added "(None)" and "(Exists)" options to relevant sidebar filter types

- Fixed: When using the custom window borders, the window would get slightly bigger with every restore

- Fixed: Menus were missing borders when using the default Windows theme

- Fixed: Cursor was not changing properly on split containers

- Fixed: Enabling game details on hover no longer messes with selections

- Fixed: LaunchBox was using unnnecessary CPU usage after resizing games, until closed

Version 3.8 - Released November 11, 2014

- Fixed: The Steam and ROM imports were erroring out when downloading images from TheGamesDB.net

Version 3.7 - Released November 9, 2014

- New Feature: Support for searching Wikipedia is finally here! You can enable or disable Wikipedia or TheGamesDB.net searches in the Options dialog.

- New Feature: The sidebar now has controller support

- Improvement: The included ScummVM version has been upgraded to 1.7.0

- Improvement: LaunchBox now shows a friendly error message when it is run from a folder without the necessary file permissions

- Improvement: LaunchBox now shows a friendly error message when the LaunchBox.xml file is corrupted

- Improvement: LaunchBox no longer forces you to close the application when an unexpected error occurs; closing and restarting is still recommmended, however

- Fixed: Sidebar filters were using a "contains" search instead of an "equals" search, which was causing confusing results (such as PlayStation 2 games showing up for PlayStation, etc.)

- Fixed: Depending on configuration, a crash could occur on startup due to the caching system

- Fixed: Options dialog max RAM usage was not updating the number

- Fixed: The context menu wasn't showing in the right spot when using a controller

- Fixed: Controllers allowed you to scroll past the end of the games list

- Fixed: Keyboard/controller navigation was not working properly in the new Options dialog

- Fixed: The Alt key now properly opens the menu in full screen mode

Version 3.6 - Released November 4, 2014

- New Feature: LaunchBox now has a dark theme by default! The dark theme can be turned off under Tools > Options > Theme if desired. The premium version will soon allow customization of all colors.

- New Feature: We've added a new sidebar that makes navigating your collection much easier. The filters panel on the right is planned to be integrated into the sidebar on the left as well for a future version.

- Improvement: The options dialog has been revamped to make room for many more options to come for the premium version

- Fixed: Various stability improvements

Version 3.5 - Released August 24, 2014

- Improvement: If you felt like version 3.4 scrolled a little slower, you were right. We've enabled a customizable RAM cache that allows you to speed the scrolling back up without overloading too much RAM.

- Fixed: Random "collection was modified" errors were popping up in version 3.4

- Fixed: Various other random errors were occurring due to threading conflicts

Version 3.4 - Released August 16, 2014

- New Feature: Web games can now be added to LaunchBox; simply put the web address (URL) in the Application Path field

- New Feature: There's a new option to "Refresh All Images" under the Tools menu. This is useful if you've manually changed or swapped out images or configurations outside of LaunchBox and need to force-update the image cache.

- Improvement: RAM usage has been drastically reduced by tweaking the image caching approach. Large libraries should no longer cause memory issues.

- Improvement: Zoom in/out menu items and shortcuts have been added to the View menu

- Fixed: The MS-DOS Game Installation Wizard would crash when adding a game that was already installed

- Fixed: Release dates from TheGamesDB.net were not populating properly for some culture settings

- Fixed: On occasion, music that was auto-played would not stop when launching a game

Version 3.3 - Released August 14, 2014

- New Feature: New import and export processes are available under the Tools menu; these will allow you to import and export game packages in a zip file

- New Feature: Swapping discs in DOSBox is now supported. See the following forum post for more information: http://www.launchbox-app.com/forum/features/swapping-discs-in-dosbox

- New Feature: Background fading is now available; you can enable it from the Options dialog's Images tab

- Improvement: Cleaned up the root LaunchBox folder; all that should be required now in the root folder is LaunchBox.exe and LaunchBox.xml. The other DLL files are no longer required (they are included in the EXE file). The default dosbox.conf file is now located in the DOSBox folder.

- Improvement: LaunchBox can now be distributed as just the LaunchBox.exe file only, if desired. All other necessary files (such as DOSBox, ScummVM, and CDRDAO) are created upon startup if missing.

- Improvement: The MS-DOS Game Installation Wizard now prompts to create the destination folder if it does not exist

- Improvement: Added a new "Root Folder" field to games.  This field is auto-populated from the game's application path, but can be manually changed.  The root folder is used when mounting in DOSBox and also for imports and exports (so that LaunchBox knows to backup all of a game's files).

- Fixed: The MS-DOS Game Installation Wizard did not work properly when installing from a folder

- Fixed: The MS-DOS Game Installation Wizard did not copy bin and cue files together when installing from them and copying them to the LaunchBox folder

- Fixed: CUE files that were created with CDRDAO in the MS-DOS Installation Wizard were using absolute paths, so if you moved them they would stop working

- Fixed: On rare occasions, the LaunchBox.xml backup operations (that happen on save) would throw a "The file already exists" error.

- Fixed: On rare occasions the application would crash if unable to communicate with TheGamesDB.net.

- Fixed: Filtering games could potentially cause a crash if a field's value was null.

- Fixed: The ROM import process will no longer overwrite imported games' platforms with the platform from TheGamesDB.net.

- Fixed: With large collections, LaunchBox would show a blank window if started while a previous copy of LaunchBox was in the process of closing.

Version 3.2 - Released July 13, 2014

- New Feature: There's a new, easy-to-use MS-DOS Games Installation Wizard under the Tools menu. This should make it easy to install MS-DOS games (and will even rip CDs via CDRDAO).

- New Feature: Games can now be edited in bulk with the new Bulk Edit Wizard.  Simply select multiple games and choose Edit from the right-click or Game menus.

- New Feature: New option to launch a random game under the Tools menu

- Improvement: Performance has been significantly improved (once again) across the board

- Improvement: Revamped the About dialog to make room for more credits

- Improvement: Box art can now be even larger

- Improvement: Improved game title matching with TheGamesDB searches for imports

- Improvement: Searching TheGamesDB.net is now much more robust (supports words with three characters and less finally)

- Improvement: ROM imports now allow you to name the imported games based on the folder name instead of the file name

- Improvement: The scroll position now properly resets on filter and arrange by changes

- Fixed: Network paths now work properly with imports (no longer adds file: to the beginning, which causes problems when launching the game or ROM)

- Fixed: When arranging games by section, different letter casings would cause games to be placed in separate sections

- Fixed: Rare crash when launching games with a controller

- Fixed: Game images were ocassionally not updating properly

- Fixed: Wait cursors added to game details buttons

- Fixed: The D-Fend Reloaded import would fail on games with a null genre field

Version 3.1 - Released June 23, 2014

- New Feature: The full size picture viewer now allows you to arrow key through all of a game's pictures, and includes a full screen mode

- New Feature: New option to "Always go fullscreen when viewing images" in the Options menu Images tab

- New Feature: Favorite icon/button (heart) added to the game details

- New Feature: Additional applications can now be automatically run before or after the main application (to configure controllers, mount drives, etc.). Simply check the boxes in the Additional Application dialog (from Add/Edit). Wait for Exit will wait for the application to exit before launching the main application (30-second timeout).

- Improvement: The mouse cursor is now properly hidden when using a controller

- Fixed: The ROM and Steam imports were not downloading the game description (overview) from TheGamesDB

- Fixed: The wait cursor would sometimes stay after editing a game

- Fixed: Cancelling the auto-update sometimes caused a crash

Version 3.0 - Released June 21, 2014

- New Feature: Game details are now available directly in the games list! Use the new icons popup to show them (click the "i" icon). Or, auto-show them on hover or select under the View menu.

- New Feature: The box art images can now be swapped between front and back with the new icons popup

- New Feature: You can now view the full size front or back box art also using the new icons popup

- New Feature: Additional applications now support emulation (can be used mainly for games with multiple discs)

- New Feature: Automatic backups of the LaunchBox.xml file are now kept; see the Options dialog for details

- New Feature: TheGamesDB.net overview is now downloaded into the Notes field (if empty) when searching

- New Feature: Under the Tools menu is a new option to "Update Notes from TheGamesDB.net". This will go through and batch download the notes (overview) for all of your games, which is nice when pulling up the details view.

- New Feature: A new built-in image viewer is used instead of opening the default Windows image viewer (mainly for controller support)

- Improvement: The ROM Import feature now has a file filter option to only import files with a particular file extension

- Improvement: The list of platforms used to search TheGamesDB.net has been updated to add the newest platforms from the site; also, GameCube has been added as it was somehow left off the original list. This will help to significantly improve the search results for GameCube and the other added platforms.

- Improvement: Game music no longer stops when manually started and switching between games or deactivating LaunchBox

- Fixed: The welcome dialog can now be closed with game controllers just like all other dialogs

- Fixed: Game controllers should now work more portably between machines (without having to go to the Options dialog and select the controller when switching to a different machine)

- Fixed: The SteamApps folder check was case sensitive and wasn't working properly on systems that didn't match up

- Fixed: When updating box art and the values of the game were changed to filter the game out of view, the game's box art cache wasn't being updated

Version 2.16 - Released April 27, 2014

- New Feature: ScummVM is now included and fully supported! Use the new ScummVM tab in the Add/Edit Game window to configure.

- New Feature: A new "Remember filters between sessions" option is available in the Options dialog

- Improvement: Popular platform aliases (such as NES) are now converted to the official platform names when searching TheGamesDB.net. This helps to provide more accurate search results when searching for games or importing ROMs.

- Fixed: Searching TheGamesDB.net failed when the Windows language settings were set to use something other than a period as the decimal point, causing the search to be non-functional for some non-English users. Many thanks to Guillaume for pointing out the specifics of this issue!

Version 2.15 - Released April 14, 2014

- New Feature: New Sort Title field (in the Other tab) allows you to custom sort your games in order to group games in a series together or remove prefixes like "A" or "The" from the sorting

- New Feature: You can now choose which gamepad or joystick you'd like to use with LaunchBox in the Options dialog Input tab

- Improvement: Gamepad/joystick input is now much more robust with a DirectX backend instead of using the Windows API

- Improvement: When cancelling, the Steam and ROM import processes now ask if you'd like to keep the games imported up to that point (helps with very long import operations so you can cancel and finish another time)

- Fixed: Corrupt image files could crash LaunchBox

Version 2.14 - Released April 5, 2014

- New Feature: Video tutorials are now available from the Help menu

- New Feature: Also added links to the Help menu for the Forums, Send Feedback, and Report Issue

- Improvement: The star ratings control now accepts keyboard input (more accessible)

- Fixed: The padding in the games view would get messed up when opening and closing the filters

- Fixed: On high DPI settings, the multi-select check box drop down items overlapped

- Fixed: Scrolling was much too slow on touch screens; tested and now working well on a Microsoft Surface Pro

- Fixed: Scrolling now works on touch screens while the scroll bar is hidden

- Fixed: The new ROM import dialog caused a crash if you pressed Enter on the platform field

- Fixed: Import processes occassionally caused a crash when cancelled

Version 2.13 - Released March 31, 2014

- New Feature: New batch ROM import feature has been added under the tools menu! Now you can add huge ROM collections with ease

- New Feature: Star ratings have been added to games, with filter and arrange by support

- Improvement: LaunchBox now responds properly to various DPI settings (without blurring or incorrectly-sized elements, for retina displays or large-font home theater scenarios)

- Improvement: The Steam import feature now does a better job of matching game titles up with TheGamesDB.net

- Fixed: The Clean Up Images tool had an issue with the .background cache file

- Fixed: A rare crash could occur on new installations

Version 2.12 - Released January 5, 2014

- Fixed: Empty game titles no longer cause permanent crashes in certain situations

- Fixed: Games no longer start twice when pressing the Enter key with the button bar visible (introduced in 2.11)

Version 2.11 - Released January 5, 2014

- Improvement: Gamepad/joystick support has been greatly improved, allowing you to navigate pretty much all of LaunchBox; see this LaunchBox form post for details and button associations: http://www.launchbox-app.com/forum/features/new-advanced-game-controller-support-in-launchbox-2-11

- Improvement: Game music now loops

- Fixed: Delete key in filters would prompt to delete the selected game

- Fixed: Filters padding was incorrect when hiding/showing menu in fullscreen mode

- Fixed: Enter key did not start the selected game if the button bar was hidden

- Fixed: Invalid dates from prior releases no longer cause crashes when editing games

Version 2.10 - Released December 26, 2013

- Fixed: LaunchBox would occassionally crash when deleting the original demo games and then immediately adding new ones

Version 2.9 - Released December 9, 2013

- Fixed: Game music now stops playing when the application is no longer active

- Fixed: Gamepad/joystick input was still sometimes being accepted while not active

Version 2.8 - Released December 9, 2013

- New Feature: You can now select a theme song MP3 file for a game and it will auto-play it upon selection of the game (auto-play can be disabled under the View menu and songs can be manually played under the Game menu)

- Improvement: Joystick input can now be disabled under Options

- Improvement: Ctrl+A now works to select all games

- Improvement: The Home and End keys now work to select the first and last game, respectively

- Improvement: Added a feint border to the filters panel in order to make the resizing splitter easier to see and use

- Improvement: The filters panel no longer flickers when loading LaunchBox with the filters hidden or showing the filters

- Improvement: The filters panel no longer resizes when resizing the form

- Fixed: The size of the filters panel was sometimes forgotten

- Fixed: Using the desktop background no longer interferes with rotating desktop background images

Version 2.7 - Released December 2, 2013

- New Feature: Much-needed new filtering engine!

- New Feature: Added the following new fields to games with filtering and sorting: Last Played, Game Completed, Date Added, Date Modified

- Improvement: Updated all links to use the new website at http://www.launchbox-app.com/

- Improvement: The LaunchBox error dialog now lets you automatically report the error on the website

- Improvement: LaunchBox now loads remaining images in the background in order to improve scolling speed

- Improvement: When adding a new game, if you choose the application/ROM file path first, it will attempt to automatically populate the title for the game, either via the parent folder name (for applications) or the ROM file itself

- Improvement: Release Date no longer defaults to today's date and can now be marked as empty

- Improvement: Arrange By is now available in the toolbar

- Fixed: Disconnecting the gamepad occassionally caused a crash

- Fixed: Clear filters caused a crash in situations where the filters lists had not yet been populated

Version 2.6 - Released November 16, 2013

- New Feature: LaunchBox now supports emulators for console platforms! Use the the Emulation tab when adding or editing a game

- New Feature: Clean Up Images is now available under the Tools menu; this will remove any left over images that are no longer associated with your games

- New Feature: Multiple games can now be selected at once and can easily be deleted in batch; edits for multiple games at once are coming soon as well

- Improvement: LaunchBox now searches TheGamesDB.net only for the selected platform, if a platform is selected before searching

- Improvement: MASSIVE performance increases! Libraries of 5,000+ games are now easy and quick to manage

- Improvement: Startup time is now next to nothing! Images are loaded and cached as they are needed instead of all at once. Because of this, scrolling may be a tad bit slow after a large import or upon initial startup of the new version, but should be extremely fast after all images are cached

- Improvement: LaunchBox now does a better job keeping the image folders synchronized with the game titles when the titles are changed

- Improvement: Additional applications that use DOSBox now use the DOSBox icon

- Fixed: Icons now show up properly for additional applications

- Fixed: Cached front box art images were occassionally not updating after editing a game

- Fixed: Occassionally, Steam imports would crash LaunchBox after the import was completed

Version 2.5 - Released November 1, 2013

- New Feature: Games now support multiple genres, with support TheGamesDB.net searches, imports, arranging, and filtering

- New Feature: Gamepad/joystick input for basic navigation; tested primarily with an Xbox 360 controller, but should work with any game controller (please report if it does not)

- New Feature: New Source field on games to specify where a game came from (such as GOG.com, Steam, physical media, etc.); can also arrange and filter by it

- New Feature: New Favorite field on games so you can easily keep track of the games you're playing (arrange by Favorite)

Version 2.4 - Released October 22, 2013

- New Feature: Additional applications can now be added to each game, for any number of custom commands to run from the right-click menu

- New Feature: You can now quickly navigate to a game by pressing the first letter or number of the game's title

- New Feature: Arrange by TheGamesDB.net ID is now available (the main purpose being to show which games do not have an ID)

- Improvement: Back by user request is the old style of arrange by Release Date; the newer style (grouped by year) is now arrange by "Release Date Year"

- Improvement: Made scrolling performance significantly faster (once again) by caching the drawing of game text and group boxes

- Improvement: Sorting has been customized to make better sense with game titles (numbers after letters, ignore punctuation)

- Fixed: D-Fend Reloaded import process now marks games as DOSBox games if ProfileMode is blank

Version 2.3 - Released October 19, 2013

- New Feature: LaunchBox now gives detailed information when encountering an unexpected error, and requests that you report it

- Improvement: If for some reason you have trouble with the search for TheGamesDB.net, you can now type the game ID into the title field to search for the game

- Improvement: Image editor now prompts to add an image when clicking on the image view and no images exist

- Improvement: When auto-selecting different games for various reasons, they are now automatically scrolled into view

- Improvement: Arranging by release date now groups by year, instead of just prepending the numerical date

- Improvement: Steam game import errors will no longer abort the entire process

- Fixed: The Steam import process is now much more robust and allows for missing fields due to outdated Steam file formats; please report any issues

- Fixed: Caching conflict issue sometimes caused errors when changing front box art image

- Fixed: The D-Fend Reloaded import process no longer causes errors when loading up games without a release date

Version 2.2 - Released October 15, 2013

- New Feature: Import your entire Steam library! Under the Tools menu, select your SteamApps folder and LaunchBox will import all your games with metadata and art from TheGamesDB

- Improvement: Game selection now makes more sense; after filtering, the previous selection is not maintained if the game is no longer in the list

- Improvement: Front box art is now cached to disk in order to significantly reduce startup times for large libraries

- Improvement: Background image is now cached in order to improve overall performance

- Improvement: Game titles in image folders are now updated if the game's title changes (upon exit of the application)

Version 2.1 - Released October 12, 2013

- New Feature: Basic D-Fend Reloaded import support is now available under the Tools menu (consider this beta; use it at your own risk and make a backup first)

- New Feature: Fullscreen mode available under the View menu (turn off the button bar and the scroll bar for the full effect)

- New Feature: Show/hide the scroll bar under the View menu

- New Feature: Open Images Folder option now available in the Game and right-click menus

- New Feature: Clear Logos can now be used as backgrounds (option in settings)

- Fixed: Clear Logos now load properly in the list of images when editing games

Version 2.0 - Released October 6, 2013

- New Feature: Games view backgrounds with fanart support (can be turned on or off in Options)

- New Feature: Default background options for desktop wallpaper, custom image, or blown-up box art

- New Feature: You can now download multiple images from TheGamesDB for box art, clear logos, fanart, screenshots, and banners

- New Feature: Now keeps track of the TheGamesDB.net ID for each game, and allows for easy access of the page at TheGamesDB.net

- Improvement: TheGamesDB search now lists and lets you choose from multiple possible options

- Improvement: TheGamesDB searches will no longer overwrite fields with blank values

- Improvement: Rebuilt the games view from the ground up for increased performance, better visuals, and background support

- Improvement: Replaced/updated the application icons; used mostly Yusuke Kamiyamane's Fugue icon set (http://p.yusukekamiyamane.com/)

- Improvement: Cut the size of the EXE file in half by generating icons instead of storing the duplicates

- Improvement: Images are now stored in a much more easily accessible manner (with folders with the name of the game and actual file extensions)

- Fixed: Save Image As now properly overwrites files after prompting

Version 1.3 - Released September 21, 2013

- New Feature: Easily search TheGameDB.net for game metadata and box art! :)

- New Feature: New button to remove images from games

- New Feature: Save Image As in Game menu and right-click menu

- New Feature: LaunchBox now automatically checks for updates on startup and prompts to update; if desired, this can be turned off in options

- Improvement: Improved compatibility with online sync services like Dropbox and Google Drive to ensure that if the application is open on two different computers at once, changes are not lost

Version 1.2 - Released September 17, 2013

- New Feature: New setup program for installing/updating (can still be manually extracted with WinRAR or 7-zip)

- New Feature: New Options dialog available under Tools, Options

- New Feature: New debugging options are available in the Options dialog, to help troubleshoot DOSBox commands if necessary

- New Feature: New Version field for games, with the option to display them in the box art list (View menu)

- New Feature: New Game Manual field for games, with the ability to open up the manual (right-click or Game menu)

- Improvement: Games refresh much faster now after updates, arrangement changes, etc.

- Improvement: Open/save file dialogs now default to the last used file or folder for the game

- Fixed: Added scrollbars to the Notes field on games

Version 1.1 - Released September 6, 2013

- New Feature: Now comes with demo versions of the original Need for Speed, WarCraft, Descent, and The Secret of Monkey Island!

- New Feature: Added this changelog

- New Feature: The default DOSBox configuration file can be edited by going to Tools, Edit Default DOSBox Configuration...

- New Feature: Game, Open Game Folder... will open an Explorer window for the game's application path

- New Feature: New notes field for games

- New Feature: New status field for games, with sorting and filtering

- Improvement: Added borders/shadows to games to make them look better, with the option to disable

- Improvement: Made the graphics performance of the game boxes much faster/smoother

- Improvement: Added accessible names to controls for better overall accessibility

- Improvement: Added wait cursors where appropriate

- Fixed: DOSBox startup path is now the LaunchBox application path

- Fixed: Default DOSBox configuration file is now maintained in the LaunchBox root application path, as it is not part of the default DOSBox installation

- Fixed: Ampersand characters (&) were not displaying in game titles and filters

- Fixed: .COM files can now be chosen when selecting an application file

- Fixed: DOSBox configuration files will now prompt and successfully overwrite existing files

Version 1.0 - Released August 26, 2013

- Initial Release


Edited by Snayperskaya

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Acho que vou migrar meu arcade pra ele, se for tranquilo de fazer.

Agora eu percebi que o vídeo é do modo pago. Bom, estou repensando... Comprei a licença "forever" do HyperSpin e me fodi grandão, eles tinham zilhões de "TO-DO" e lançaram um update bem meia boca desde então. Meh.

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1 hora atrás, fabiofcouto disse:

Esperando o tutorial, ou o link de tudo já prontinho :)

Bota o mais recente. Esse antigo aí deve estar cheio de bugs já corrigidos nas versões modernas.

1 hora atrás, Daileon disse:

Acho que vou migrar meu arcade pra ele, se for tranquilo de fazer.

Agora eu percebi que o vídeo é do modo pago. Bom, estou repensando... Comprei a licença "forever" do HyperSpin e me fodi grandão, eles tinham zilhões de "TO-DO" e lançaram um update bem meia boca desde então. Meh.

Mesma coisa aqui. Não tive saco de mexer em .cfg e .xml pra tudo. A interface do Launchbox é muito mais agradável. O bigbox é um "modo 2" de visualização somente, tudo que tu configura no LB é aplicado diretamente à ele (o BB tem algumas configurações de visualização a mais).

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Minha idéia é pegar o fullset NO-INTRO e classificar da seguinte forma:

* Separar as ROMs oficiais por região (EURO, USA/WORLD e JP);
* Mover ROMs BETA, Samples, jogos não-licenciados (classificados como UNL) e protótipos são movidos para uma outra pasta (Misc.);
* ROMs traduzidas entram em uma pasta identificada como tal;
* Hacks entram em uma pasta identificada como tal;
* Excluir ROMs de jogos com revisões. Se um jogo tem três ROMs, ex.: Aladdin.rom, Aladdin.rom (Rev 1) e Aladdin.rom (Rev 2), somente essa última será mantida para evitar duplicatas;
* Excluir ROMs EURO de países duplicados. Diversos jogos tem versões separadas para alguns países como Alemanha, Espanha, etc. Somente permance a "Europe", a menos que não haja uma ROM "Europe",

Tanto os diretórios como plataformas disponíveis no Launchbox ficariam da seguinte forma (usando o SNES como ex.):

SNES - Hacks
SNES - Translated
SNES - Misc.

Uma vez que é possível exportar um sistema para um pacote completo (contendo as ROMs, mídias, emuladores, etc) essa forma é a mais fácil para classificar e distribuir/compartilhar os pacotes. Quem tiver a fim de assumir essa empreitada dá um alô. O programa é muito bom mas diversos jogos não são localizados no DB deles, devendo ser ajustados manualmente.

Edited by Snayperskaya

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tenho a 5.2 mas nunca instalei, se nao me engano é a premium ate

ja parecia bom, agora fiquei mais interessado nessa 6

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17 minutos atrás, Stormwatch disse:

Não gosto dessas interfaces cheias de figurinha, prefiro tudo assim:



O bigbox é feito pra ser manipulado com um controle. O modo normal do programa é assim (sendo que vc pode escolher o tipo de mídia que aparece aí: cover, clear logo, foto do cart, screenshot, entre outros, além de poder aumentar ou diminuir o tamanho dessas midias):


E a bigbox pode ser configurada de forma similar:



1 hora atrás, Nobody Joe disse:

Irado, tem botão de random?


Edited by Snayperskaya

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amanha vou instalar o 5.7 que tenho aqui e ver quanto vale o show

ops, 5.2

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Acho o launchbox massa só que ainda prefiro algo mais simples, direto, e leve = EmulationStation

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Em 12/08/2016 at 7:35 AM, VnS disse:

Acho o launchbox massa só que ainda prefiro algo mais simples, direto, e leve = EmulationStation

No manicômio tem vários torrents de EmulationStation já configurado e prontinho... Achei bem prático também, LaunchBox é meio pesadão pra carregar as imagens.

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2 horas atrás, Mega. disse:

No manicômio tem vários torrents de EmulationStation já configurado e prontinho... Achei bem prático também, LaunchBox é meio pesadão pra carregar as imagens.

tb achei pesadao, meio que desanimei de mexer nele

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Oloco, pesado? ou meu pc é muito fodaum, ou pc de vcs que esta lentao.

Gostei e ja estou trocando o maximus arcade pelo launcherbox.

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nossa achei truncadão as transiçoes e tal e ate na versão desktop demora o carregamento das imagens.

to testando o emustation aqui e ta me servindo melhor.

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