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Xbox Series X [+Lançamento 10/11 - U$ 299/499 R$ 2.800/4.600] Baixou o preço!!

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Recebi ontem a tarde o Serie X. Testei Watch Dogs e Gears 5 nele. Por enquanto curtindo muito. Amazon cumpriu a pre venda e entregou no dia do lançamento. Diretoria foi foda. kkk B

Putz, que merda, cara.      Recebi o meu Series X hoje, um dia antes do previsto. Espetei meus dois HDDs que usava no XOne; foram reconhecidos imediatamente, e estou copiando jogos

Minhas experiências mais chocantes foram quando me deparei com o Resident Evil e ainda jogava mega drive, tipo, CARAMBA, PARECE UM FILME. Depois quando tava acostumado com PSX e vi o Code Veronica e o

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Sonic Unleashed is one of the more ‘divisive’ entries in the series, but one thing about it that’s hardly contested is it looks gorgeous. Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 and PS3 were not ready to handle the intensity of the Hedgehog Engine and certain levels like Jungle Joyride looked less like a video game and more like a slideshow.

It took us 12 years, but finally… It doesn't lag. Captured on Xbox Series X @sonic_hedgehog #SONICUNLEASHED #XboxShare #XboxSeriesX pic.twitter.com/Gx4L97shS4

— Jarryd  Commissions Closed (@JMotion0) November 10, 2020

Not anymore, with the new Xbox Series X, players can finally experience the graphical treat that is Sonic Unleashed at it’s highest caliber without so much as a stutter! If you have the digital version of the game in your library (it’s only $15 now), all you need is the latest Xbox console to make the magic happen. After 12 years, we can now play Sonic Unleashed as we truly imagined it!

Now if only we could get an official port to PC…

via Twitter



It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, we don’t mean Christmas – pfft! – but instead Next-Gen Console Day! This month sees the launch of two new platforms in the Xbox and PlayStation family of gaming systems, and we couldn’t be more excited about both. Today, Microsoft formally releases the Xbox Series X and S, and with backwards compatibility a major factor we decided to dig into the archives and check which Sonic the Hedgehog titles you can play from Day One.

The following games are all Sonic the Hedgehog (or Sonic-related) games that are currently playable on Xbox Series X or S as of Tuesday 10 November, 2020. Microsoft and/or SEGA may add more titles to the Xbox Backwards Compatibility list in the future, and we’ll try to update this whenever that happens.

Without further ado, in almost-alphabetical order…

SEGA Mega Drive Classics


This Xbox One compilation is a very good place to start if you want to spend some time down SEGA Memory Lane. Not only is it jam-packed with loads of timeless Mega Drive/Genesis titles, but you can get instant access to a bunch of old-school Sonic the Hedgehog games this way too. Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic Spinball, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine and Sonic 3D Flickies’ Island (aka Sonic 3D Blast) right there for your ample enjoyment. Sadly, no Sonic 3 & Knuckles, but don’t worry… we’ll get to that.

  • Microsoft Store Purchase: UK / USA

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


While you won’t be able to play the original Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing on your next-gen Xbox, you can play this incredible sequel which blows it apart in almost every way. A true love letter to SEGA’s history, this kart racer takes Sonic and friends through roads, across water and even into the sky! Every SEGA fan worth their salt has to own this game, it’s the law. Sorry, we don’t make the rules.

  • Microsoft Store Purchase Link: UK / USA

Sonic Adventure


The original 1999 classic was released on the Xbox 360’s ‘Xbox Live Arcade’ service about ten years ago, and is still available to play on your 2020 next-gen console (as well as its ‘DX’ expansion as DLC). Its gameplay has been ravaged a bit by the passage of time, but it still holds up as an interesting example of how to turn Sonic into an incredibly lite-adventure game. If you had a Dreamcast as a kid, this is worth it for the nostalgia factor.

  • Microsoft Store Purchase Link: UK / USA
  • Sonic Adventure DX Upgrade: UK / USA

Sonic Adventure 2


There’s a lot more fluff in Sonic Adventure 2 compared to its predecessor (I mean, mechs? Treasure hunting? Cam’aaahhhhn), but in terms of game mechanics this sequel is a lot tighter – the Sonic and Shadow stages are still a total joy to play. SA2 rides high on many fan’s ‘best of’ lists, and is definitely worth a re-buy at its current price.

  • Microsoft Store Purchase Link: UK / USA
  • Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Upgrade: UK / USA

Sonic CD


Christian Whitehead’s incredible Retro Engine-powered port of Sonic CD is a technical marvel – essentially recreating the Mega CD exclusive platformer from the ground up! Without this, Sonic CD would have probably been sat to gather dust in SEGA’s archive… what better reason to pick this little gem up? The gameplay itself is not everyone’s cup of tea – the stages’ awkward design flow and the focus on high-speed time-travel has been known to put some fans off – but as a 16-bit curio from yesteryear, this can’t be missed.

  • Microsoft Store Purchase Link: UK / USA

Sonic Forces


Alright, look. Sonic Forces isn’t the greatest Sonic game in the world, we know that. It tries a little too hard in the story department, undercooks the platforming gameplay, somehow manages to screw up shoehorning Classic Sonic and we’re still not sure what’s going on with the Avatar stuff. But there is something about it that compels us to come back to it every now and then. You can get some fun out of it, and it’s worth playing through at least once for curiosity’s sake if it goes on sale. Mind you, if you’ve always had fun from it and truly love the game, even better – you’ll be able to replay this Xbox One title to your heart’s content on Xbox Series X and S.

  • Microsoft Store Purchase Link: UK / USA

Sonic Generations


This is more like it! Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th Anniversary title on Xbox 360 was not only a great nostalgia trip – it was also an incredibly fun and enjoyable platforming adventure. For about as long as it lasted, that is. You can beat this game in less than a day, but this is a case of the journey being more important than the goal here. Taking the best bits of what worked in Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colours and fine-tuning the mechanics made for a great Modern Sonic experience, while we could forgive Classic Sonic’s wonky 2D physics for the interesting set-pieces and inventive level design. Particularly in stages like City Escape!

  • Microsoft Store Purchase Link: UK / USA
  • Casino Night Zone DLC Stage: UK / USA

Sonic Mania / Sonic Mania Plus


Arguably the greatest Sonic game to release in 20 years, Sonic Mania took things back to the series’ 2D roots. No incoherent, overly-complicated storyline; no hardcore anime-style robot enemies; no strange new gameplay mechanics. Just straightforward, no-nonsense platforming action with slick level design, inventive bosses and unique character traits that enhance the core gameplay. If you’re any kind of Sonic fan – including a lapsed fan that has not been particularly interested in the franchise for many years – you owe it to yourself to get this.

  • Microsoft Store Purchase Link: UK / USA
  • Sonic Mania Plus Upgrade: UK / USA

Sonic the Fighters


Yes, even this quirky spinoff arcade game can be played on today’s latest next-gen consoles. Sonic the Fighters won’t necessarily command a lot of your time, as the bare-bones premise will hold you and a mate over for bursts of an hour at best. But it’s fantastic that this game got any kind of re-release at all, and as an early 3D fighting game the polygonal graphics still have quite a bit of charm. Get it for preservation’s sake.

  • Microsoft Store Purchase Link: UK / USA

Sonic the Hedgehog (XBLA)


The original Sonic the Hedgehog game has been re-released on more consoles than you can shake a stick at. It’s on almost every bloomin’ thing. And one of those consoles was the Xbox 360, shortly after Microsoft launched its Xbox Live Arcade feature that offered bite-sized digital game downloads to users. With this game appearing in SEGA Mega Drive Classics, there’s little point in getting this separately, but in case you bought this way back in the late 2000s on Xbox 360, know that you’ll be able to download and re-play this on your shiny new Series X or S console too.

  • Microsoft Store Purchase Link: UK / USA

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (XBLA)


Much like its predecessor, Sonic 2 has (almost) been re-released on every console under the sun. And for good reason – it’s a fantastic game that still holds up to this day. As with Sonic 1, you’ll be able to get this classic platformer in a number of other formats (including SEGA Mega Drive Classics on Xbox), but if you bought this when it was originally released on Xbox Live Arcade, you’ll be greeted with the Sonic 2 icon and bag yourself some more Achievements on a replay.

  • Microsoft Store Purchase Link: UK / USA

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (XBLA)


Sadly, it looks like SEGA will have a really hard time re-releasing Sonic 3 (and by association, Sonic & Knuckles) on any modern gaming platform for the foreseeable future, thanks to its soundtrack. But back in 2009, SEGA released a version of the Mega Drive classic on the Xbox Live Arcade platform – a version that can still be bought to this day. Better yet, it is compatible with the Xbox Series X/S, making them the only platform (besides PC) where you can still get this gem in its unaltered form. Annoyingly, you can’t buy this directly on your console though; you need to either purchase this on an Xbox 360 or via the really old Xbox 360 Marketplace website (links below).

  • Microsoft Store Game Page: UK / USA
  • Buy Sonic 3 on Xbox 360 Marketplace: UK / USA

Sonic & Knuckles (XBLA)


Sonic & Knuckles is also only available via the Xbox family of consoles (outside of PC), meaning that if you haven’t done so already we HIGHLY recommend that you buy both this and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 from Xbox 360 Marketplace. That way, you can not only grab two stunning Mega Drive classics in their original format, but you’ll also be able to run the combined 16-bit epic Sonic 3 & Knuckles. S3&K is highly regarded as the best Sonic the Hedgehog game ever made, so you’ll want to get in on this pronto. And they are both cheap as chips, too! Do it.

  • Microsoft Game Page: UK / USA
  • Buy Sonic & Knuckles on Xbox 360 Marketplace: UK / USA

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I


As bungled as the execution was on this, SEGA’s 2010 return to Sonic’s 2D roots is not without its merits. Just don’t go in expecting a classic Mega Drive experience (and ignore the whole wall-standing thing) and you should be fine. However, given how rather embarrassed Sonic Team ended up getting over Sonic 4: Episode I, it’s unlikely that it will get re-released in the future. Meaning that you should pick it up on Xbox to ensure you can keep playing it on Series X or S, if the mood takes you.

  • Microsoft Store Purchase Link: UK / USA

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II


While a lot better than Episode I, there was still something a little… off with Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. However, it did a better job of mashing classic Mega Drive environments together to produce some truly unique new Zones, and the team play between Sonic and Tails is reminiscent of some of the cooler Tag mechanics from Sonic Advance 3. If you get or have Episode I, you should probably do yourself a service and get Episode II as well – if only so that you can complete the set and access the special Metal Sonic episode.

  • Microsoft Store Purchase Link: UK / USA

Sonic Unleashed


Perhaps the most earnest of Sonic the Hedgehog games ever made, Sonic Unleashed is a very pretty game with a lot of fans. Unfortunately, the game itself has plenty of design issues (particularly in the Sonic day stages, which required an extraordinary amount of muscle memory to feel like you were accomplishing anything), but it TRIED, dammit, and that’s gotta be respected. The Hedgehog Engine is an impressive feat of graphical engineering, which will apparently be able to truly sing on an Xbox Series X/S with backwards compatibility. It seems that next-gen Xboxes can run the game without so much as a judder or lag, making it an obvious buy for anyone who’s still on the fence. Give Sonic Unleashed some (more) love this Christmas.

  • Microsoft Store Purchase Link: UK / USA

Team Sonic Racing


Of course, the most recent Sonic title is also available to play on Xbox Series X and S via backwards compatibility. Team Sonic Racing is a karting spinoff developed by the same folks behind All-Stars Racing Transformed, only this game sticks entirely to Sonic’s universe. To be honest, it’s really not a patch on its predecessor, but for a budget title there’s some fun to be had. Most significantly, the game features an incredible soundtrack by Sonic Sound Director Jun Senoue, so even if you treat this game as little more than an interactive album release you’re bound to have a good time.

Microsoft Store Purchase Link: UK / USA

Xbox Sonic Games You Can’t Play… Yet.

At least not right now, on your shiny new Xbox Series X or S consoles. The following games are Sonic titles that have previously released on older Xbox hardware, but have yet to be made backwards compatible with the latest generation of systems.

Xbox 360:

  • SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Ultimate Collection (Xbox 360 / Disc Only)
  • SEGA Superstars Tennis (Xbox 360 / Disc Only)
  • Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (Xbox 360 / Digital: UK / USA)
  • Sonic Free Riders (Xbox 360 / Kinect / Digital: UK / USA)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog (Xbox 360 / Disc Only)


  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Xbox / Playable on Xbox 360)
  • Sonic Heroes (Xbox / Playable on Xbox 360)
  • Sonic Mega Collection Plus (Xbox / Playable on Xbox 360)
  • Sonic Riders (Xbox / Playable on Xbox 360)



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tenho o disco do Unleashed por aqui, belo upgrade :) 

Meh, dos não compativeis ainda, eu queria muito a SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis Ultimate Collection (Xbox 360 ), tem que ver se tenho  o disco, mas ela é muito melhor que a atual do One.

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12 horas atrás, Maedhros disse:

Tem que perguntar para a diretoria:





Recebi ontem a tarde o Serie X.

Testei Watch Dogs e Gears 5 nele.

Por enquanto curtindo muito. Amazon cumpriu a pre venda e entregou no dia do lançamento.

Diretoria foi foda. kkk

Bom, quando liguei ele veio uma tela com codigos que vc pode digitar no app xbox do celular e ele configura o console pra vc de acordo com o que utilizava no xbox anterior, ajeita lista de amigos etc.

Controle realmente muito semelhante ao do ONE, o que é bom na minha opinião.

Dash e inicialização bem rapida.

Watchdogs pediu uma atualização de quase 40gb quando instalei o jogo.

Testei um Bluray do Roupa Nova e tudo normal tbm.

Gears 5 fica sensacional gráfico, som, velocidade.

Fifa 21 só consegui instalar a versão ONE. Parece que a do Series deve sair agora em dezembro.

Bateria recarregável do One serviu normal no controle do Series X.

Headset Astro a50 funcionou plug and play com o series X pelo USB mesmo sem a entrada optica no console (resolveram no update como prometido).

Console bem silencioso como anunciado.

Por enquanto sao minhas impressoes iniciais.

Meu Assassins Creed Valhala recebi email que atrasarão a entrega.
No aguardo do lançamento do Call of Duty

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-10 at 20.27.07.jpeg

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show vxand :) , ontem eu tive que chamar a atendente do chat da Amazon de mentirosa :



Você foi conectado com Milena da Amazon.com.br
Milena: Ola Pericles, tudo bem contigo?
Eu: tudo certo, e com você?
Milena: Bem obrigada
você esta se referindo do Console XBox Series X
Eu: sim, estou "no escuro" a muitos dias, sei que a demanda é alta, mas a falta de atualização já me faz pensar que serei "premiado"
Milena: Certo.
Milena: O produto foi lançado hoje no Brasil
Pelo que verifiquei o seu pedido já consta separado para envio até você
Eu:o produto já começou a ser entregue desde ontem , o que é otimo pra quem recebeu, eu fiz um pedido de um controle adicional dia 20/10, e o mesmo já tem até rastreio
e esse pedido de 30/09 ainda sem informação concreta, isso é muito frustrante, pois eu já comprei MUITO antes, e vejo pessoas que compraram muito depois recebendo
a fila deveria ser por ordem de chegada, mas não leva em conta quem confiou desde o inicio na Amazon
veja, eu não estou exigindo que chegue logo, rápido, nada disso
mas que tenha-se um posição concreta, já está a dias assim
Milena: Sim, infelizmente devido um erro de sistema, os itens comprados na pre venda, pode não haver informações sobre a data de envio
Eu: meu controle ja a dias tem data definida, foi corrigida com o despacho da encomenda, otimo
Milena: Seu pedido foi separado no dia 08/11 aguardando apenas retirada pela transportadora
Seguimos uma ordem de compra.
Clientes que compraram pela Amazon depois de você receberão depois
Sim sim, entendo
foi apenas um erro de sistema
mas pode ficar tranquilo
Eu: não né? conheço dezenas de pessoas pela internet, pedi a data da compra pra cada uma delas, a maioria depois de mim
Milena: Não podemos confiar em tudo que é dito ainda mais pela internet
mas pode ficar tranquilo
Eu: se eu tivesse uma atualização do sistema, saberia que realmente está na transportadora, como o controle
Milena: seu pedido esta separado, como informei
e assim que for retirado pela transportadora
você será sinalizado
Eu: ok, eu acredito que ele está nesse status, de verdade
mas não entendo porque a transportadora já entregou dos outros e "nem coletou o meu"
Milena: Pericles como informei nenhum produto comprado pela Amazon foi entregue antes
pode ficar tranquilo
Eu: veja, eu estou muito, mas MUITO chateado com isso, não vou aqui criar caso com você, você só está me ajudando aqui na linha de atendimento.
Milena: que em breve você receberá seu pedido
Mas entenda que o lançamento ocorreu hoje, não haveria como entregarmos o item antes
Eu: mas essa informação que passaram pra você nos repassar não é coerente, não é verdadeira, pessoas que compraram depois, já receberam, é bem provavel que estão entregando os que ficam mais perto antes, mas fazer isso sem despachar os outros é falta de respeito, como eu disse, eu sei que vou receber depois, mas agora ja vi que vou receber MUITO depois do correto, porque fui jogado pra escanteio por morar um pouco fora do "eixo" mais facil de entrega
Milena: Eu lamento esta informação que você teve.
Mas não procede
todos os pedidos estão separados hoje
Eu: e é facil ver isso, muito, mas MUITO menos gente compraram controles adicionais, e esse ja me foi despachado,
Milena: e não fazemos nenhuma entrega preferencia ou por morar perto
seguimos uma ordem
Eu: aliás, interessante, eu mesmo fiz duas compras, a de vinte dias depois ja foi despachada, e a fila?
Milena: O pedido esta sem atualização
e talvez você ate se surpreenda com uma entrega ainda essa semana
Erros de sistema acontecem
é um produto muito esperado
Eu: olha, se for isso, eu retiro tudo que disse, tomara, mas são tantos relatos, e como te disse, de conhecidos, não de anônimos.
Mas tudo bem, eu ja entendi que não vai ter nada a ser feito, muito obrigado pela atenção.
Milena: Pode ficar tranquilo ta bom, eu sei que podemos ficar frustado com esse tipo de informação
mas não é assim que a Amazon trabalha
Eu: saberemos nos próximos dias, obrigado Milena e tenha uma boa tarde.
Fui bem bonzinho e nem xinguei. :P 
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Se voce tivesse comprado um Megao tectoy  agora vem com 2 controles de 3 botoes com fio ou um master system evolution com 132 jogos na memoria com dois controles de 6 botoes isso nunca teria acontecido.



PS: Mandei MP @PekSGN

PS2:mandei email @tectoy pois o Master System Evolution nao possui o jogo Sonic The Hedgehog 1 do Mega Drive ou sua versao mobile.





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12 minutos atrás, Dav disse:

Se voce tivesse comprado um Megao tectoy com agora vem com 2 controles de 3 botoes com fio ou um master system evolution com 132 jogos na memoria isso nunca teria acontecido.



PS: Mandei MP @PekSGN

PS2:mandei email @tectoy pois o Master System Evolution nao possui o jogo Sonic The Hedgehog 1 do Mega Drive






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É, o jeito é baixar algum jogo da EAPlay  pro One X por hora pra tirar o azedo da boca com essa pre-venda. Envio por ordem de compra? Balela :P, foda-se quem mora fora do eixo.

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16 minutos atrás, Koi disse:


Estão postando como defeito do XbSX mas é fake! Isto é um teste que fizeram com Vap no XSX  daí alguém  cortou o vídeo e postou só este pedaço



Agora, burn disse:

massa q ja tem a grelha em cima pra fazer hamburguer


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11 minutos atrás, Maedhros disse:

Diretores do fórum, não esqueçam de fazer o teste mais importante com o Xbox:


haha eu te falo que se eu tivesse um eu pintava essa bola com o X do xbox em verde e deixava voando toda hora de jogar! E ainda zoava quem me perguntasse dizendo que era oficial!

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12 minutos atrás, Montagnani disse:

Queria ta fazendo esse teste mas a bosta da MS mandou 100 consoles pro BraZil só........

bom, o que eu paguei dia 30/09 nem despachado foi, geral que mora no interior foi sumariamente jogada pro fim da fila...

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20 minutos atrás, Hill top zone disse:

haha eu te falo que se eu tivesse um eu pintava essa bola com o X do xbox em verde e deixava voando toda hora de jogar! E ainda zoava quem me perguntasse dizendo que era oficial!

O meu eu vou usar no horizontal, mas caso ele ficasse de pé faria a mesma coisa. Eu ainda pintaria com aquelas tintas que brilham no escuro. :lol:

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16 horas atrás, vxand disse:


Testei um Bluray do Roupa Nova e tudo normal tbm.

Tiozão acima dos 40 detected.


Pior que curto demais o Roupa Nova, fui até no show que teve em Jaguaríuna uns dois anos atrás.

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2 horas atrás, Hill top zone disse:

haha eu te falo que se eu tivesse um eu pintava essa bola com o X do xbox em verde e deixava voando toda hora de jogar! E ainda zoava quem me perguntasse dizendo que era oficial!


usar uma bolinha mais pesada que sempre fica centralizada quando liga e desliga o videogame...ela possuir um sistema eletronico interno que interaja tanto com o aparelho quanto com o jogo  XBALL  BALLNECT


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