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Wonder Boy Returns: Remix NS

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The Wonder Boy franchise has seen a lot of love recently. Between the remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, fans had a lot to enjoy. But there was a third game that probably flew under the radar for many. Wonder Boy Returns is a followup to the original game, meaning you’ll be running from left to right. The game saw mixed reviews, with Hardcore Gaming 101 stating the game “straddles the line between a remake and a sequel” and noting a “flat difficulty curve”. Their assessment was that there was “a pervasive sense this was done on the quick and cheap”. The game currently holds a 7/10 on Steam and the Metacritic reviews listed are mixed.

But hey! If you want the game physically, Strictly Limited Games have announced via Facebook that they will be giving the game a limited physical release. They are hinting that January 27th will be when pre-orders open. We’ll be sure to post an update when the game goes up for sale!




Unfortunately, Westone went out of business in 2014, and the intellectual properties were liquidated to a company called LAT. The Korean developer CFK then picked up the rights to the original Wonder Boy, and created Wonder Boy Returns in 2016. It’s technically the first follow-up to the original game not to use the Takahashi Meijin / Adventure Island name.


It straddles the line between a remake and a sequel. There are ten worlds, each with four levels. The first world is a pretty close recreation from the set of stages in the original arcade game, but most of the rest are of the levels are new, with many new background sets and enemies. All of the boss fights have been redone too, with original bosses at the end of each world instead of the head-swapped near-identical foes of the original game. However, very little of the core mechanics have changed – for example, the only power-ups are the hammer and the skateboard.


The colorful art style, with chubby, cartoonish characters perfectly fits with the game world. The new intro, which shows Tina getting made at the hero for his flirtatious ways but getting kidnapped by a demon, is pretty cute. But it only looks good in stills – like many of these types of remakes, the developers didn’t really add any extra animation frames, so the high definition of the sprites really makes their choppiness stand out. In fact, some are markedly worse than the original game – for example, the jumping cycle of the frog enemy, which doesn’t even move smoothly at all. It looks astonishingly bad.


That kind of cheapness pervades the entire game. The main character begins each stage in his idle animation, a few pixels below the actual ground. The camera often has trouble keeping up with the orientation of the character after starting a new life. Strangely, all of the levels (and even the ending) are unlocked straight from the beginning, and you’re given a generous ten lives to beat them. There is a challenge mode that gives you a traditional arcade-type experience (run through all 40 levels in one go, with three lives), but it’s just weird. Plus, even though it controls well most of the time, there are little quirks that make it feel sloppier than normal. The original game was always a little slippery, but the inertia here is a little different, as well as the way it registers jump heights. It doesn’t make the game unplayable but it is noticeable.


Overall, there’s a pervasive sense this was done on the quick and cheap. It doesn’t do anything to improve on the original game beyond the new levels and bosses, but the flat difficulty curve means the later levels aren’t really any harder than the early ones. Ultimately, a disappointment.



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Outro jogo de Master System que me traz nostalgia. Gostei da ideia da capa, ficou bem legal. :D

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quero esse e o wonderboy novo em master race...

o novo dizia early 2019.... ta demorando ja :lula:

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Sera que um dia alguem vai escutar minhas preces e fazer im Kenseiden returns???

Sonhando ainda......

[ ]'Macck

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Eu tenho o digital mas catarei essa versão física.

Nossa merece. Nostalgia total. Eu tinha ele no master system na época.

Passei uma raiva danava pra conseguir zerar esse remake ai no hard. :nag:

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Wonder Boy Returns Remix rated for Switch in Korea


The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea has ratedWonder Boy Returns Remix” for Switch.

Wonder Boy Returns first launched for PC in October 2016, followed by PlayStation 4 in March 2017.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


A classic arcade Masterpiece! Wonder Boy returns with a high-definition remake!

Boy, our protagonist, is at the beach spending time with other girls behind his girlfriend Tina’s back. That was when Tina confronts him and Boy gets punished for his behavior. While being disciplined, a red devil suddenly appears out of nowhere and kidnaps Tina.

“Hold on Tina! I will save you!!!”

In order to save Tina and repent for his mistake, our Boy sets onward towards a difficult adventure…

A classic action masterpiece arcade game Wonder Boy has been remade into HD!

Food is important for a primitive man! Collect all food before your health gets depleted, defeat all enemies, avoid all obstacles and head over to save Tina!

Key Features

  • Rough terrain– Breathtaking moments of dodging action.
  • Interrupting enemies – Gratifying feeling of killing enemies.
  • Items to assist gameplay – Satisfaction of earning items.
  • Bosses in every last map of each stage – Activeness by killing Boss.
  • Higher score for better play – A desire to challenge for higher score.
  • Find hidden items on each map – Inspire to repeat play for all CLEAR.


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é incrivel como eu estou conseguindo saber hoje em dia quando um jogo é coreano só de olhar

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