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Galva Maximus

SGDK, um software devkit para Mega Drive

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SGDK is an open and free development kit for the Sega Megadrive

It contains the development library itself (with the sources included) and some custom tools used to compile resources. SGDK is also using the GCC compiler (m68k-elf target) and libgcc to generate ROM image.

SGDK allow you to develop games in C (assembly language is also possible) on your Sega Megadrive / Genesis. The library offers many tools to make game development smooth and easy.

You can get SGDK from its github repository:

Check out Tanzer, Omega Blast or Xeno Crisis which are games based on SGDK if you want to see what is possible to do with SGDK but of course developers talent is still what matter the most in any case :)
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