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Game Machine - A revista japonesa "oficial" dos arcades

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Hj por acaso descobri um site que disponibiliza a (talvez pioneira) revista que circulava para os donos de arcades japoneses e outros negocios parecidos, desde 1974

tem muitas anuncios de maquinas, precos e datas de lancamento... muita coisa historica que nao apareceu em nenhum outro lugar, mas claro, praticamente tudo japones.

pelo q eu vi, as edicoes mais pra frente comecaram a ter uma ou duas paginas com materias em ingles

vale a pena nem que seja pra ver as fotos e anuncios


site com os pdfs:



presented by Amusement Press

Last updated on December 1, 2019

To all international visitors of Game Machine Archive

The newspaper “Game Machine” is an amusement industry newspaper published by Amusement News Agency. Since 1974, we have been reporting industry news about commercial amusement machines, including TV game machines, amusement parks, etc. twice a month.

When using the “Game Machine” archive, please read the following “When publishing the archive”.

In publishing the “Game Machine” archive

The Game Machine Archive is a research material for investigating information about arcade games and the amusement industry, and is a "game machine" paper that has recorded industry trends over the years, under the supervision of Amusement Communications. .
Real back numbers are also available at the National Diet Library and Ritsumeikan University Library, but for those interested in the history and culture of amusement games, provide convenient viewing of materials and encourage their use. Intended.

Please note the following points when using the service.

  • Since the old paper is archived as it is, there is aged deterioration such as yellowing and difficulty in reading, but all the text articles and photos are recorded as spread as possible to make it as easy to read as possible. In many cases, the company name, address, telephone number, etc. have changed since then. Please understand the changes in the situation before viewing.
  • The archived file is in the pdf file format that can be displayed with "Acrobat Reader" developed by Adobe Systems. In order to protect the copyright, the minimum protection is applied.
  • The copyright of these published works (images, texts, etc.) belongs to Amusement News Agency (advertising copyright belongs to each advertiser). Duplicating a copyrighted work without permission is a copyright infringement.
  • However, the copyright holder's permission is not required for “copying for private use” or “quoting” copyrighted works such as images and texts. In advance for more information, "when to publish the archive" Please check the section.
Since 1997, the “Game Machine” newspaper has provided information on the amusement industry on its website. For the latest information and website back numbers , please visit this website .

It introduces several issues that show the times. For details, see the article pickup .
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obrigado por compartilhar o link @burngosto de ver mesmo para ver as fotos e os anuncios.

eu considero muito importante esse tipo de material salvo e divulgado na internet serve de preservação como as roms.

lembro que tinha um site de posters o arcade flyers que acessava para ver as artes




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