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The Simpsons Bug Squad - Jogo cancelado para Dreamcast

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57 minutos atrás, Stormwatch disse:

O visual está mais fiel ao desenho que Road Rage ou Hit & Run.

Tb achei. 
Agora era trocar este Inseto por um Bart pequeno  dizendo que ele foi mexer num projeto de ciências da Lisa com o Martin e resultou nisso e pronto. Altas aventuras para recuperar o Bart de tamanho e o Bart sobreviver ao tamanho micro.

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Apparently, a Dreamcast-Talk forum user by the name of sreak found this demo just sitting on a broken Dreamcast dev kit’s hard drive, and with a bit of help, the forum figured out how to make it playable.


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Mais surpresas para o Dreamcast!

Ontem postamos aqui na página que dois protótipos tinham sido descobertos em um Dev-Kit do Dreamcast, Take the bullet e The Simpsons Bug Squad.

E hoje temos notícias bombásticas. Um dos desenvolvedores que trabalhou nesses dois games na época, viu que os games foram descobertos e fez duas revelações:

Primeiro sobre o game dos Simpsons: 

"Oh meu Deus! Não via isso por 20 anos! Tivemos um grande programador que desenvolveu uma engine de cell shading incrível para o Dreamcast. Eu conhecia a Fox muito bem, então esta foi uma demo que criamos e eu apresentei para eles. Nunca fomos contratados , então, tecnicamente, este nunca foi um título oficial em desenvolvimento"

"Esta foi uma viagem ao passado. A tecnologia desenvolvida foi ótima, por um cara chamado Rich Evans, ótimo programador. O conceito de Bug Squad veio de Jamie Grant, se bem me lembro. Uma grande equipe de arte construiu os modelos. A tecnologia também foi lançada como uma ferramenta de produção para o programa em si. Nenhum jogo feito." 

E agora a grande surpresa:

O desenvolvedor afirmou que o Take the bullet mais tarde se transformou em "Project Firearm" e que vai tentar liberar esse jogo no ano que vem para o Dreamcast!!!


Para quem quiser testar o game enquanto ele ainda era Take the bullet, a demo encontrada no dev-kit foi transformada em CDI e você pode baixar ela em nosso drive:

drive . google . com/file/d/1f5uFBzM7Bx-nqcEQBrOk3EPNjCHCPd4_/view?usp=sharing

[Junte os espaços pois o Facebook bloqueia links.]

Créditos a comunidade do Dreamcast, por conseguir esses feitos incríveis.

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7 horas atrás, Stormwatch disse:

Não me incomodo com o visual antigo, mas jogar FPS com controle é dureza. :pinch:

O cara vai tentar liberar o Project Firearm. Agora é saber se ele tem esses arquivos de um game 100% e se o game está melhor que o Take The bullet

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mais um ou dois?

Blowup! - Another unknown Dreamcast game has been found!
Not content with giving us just one new Dreamcast present for Christmas this year, the elves over on the Dreamcast-Talk forum have evidently been working tirelessly on the most recently dumped contents of a broken Dreamcast dev kit in an attempt to bring more festive joy to Dreamcast lovers all over the world.
The most recent discovery appears to be yet another previously unseen Dreamcast title from Red Lemon studios again: Blowup!. Another Dreamcast-Talk user, Ian Micheal, was able to get this game to boot in the early hours of this morning. 
What's particularly fascinating about this demo is that as you can see from the title screen above, it was ultimately intended for display at the E3 expo in the year 2000. This leads me to the assumption that, unlike The Simpsons: Bug Squad!, which was clearly just a developer pitching to a studio, Blowup! was a real game that that was actually in development heading for an actual release at some point.
The only part of this demo which actually runs at the moment is the title screen, which then loops to a promo screen highlighting all of the exciting features that Blowup! will offer, promising compelling gameplay and a rich, detailed story amongst other things. This would have been very common for game demos at the time, especially those playable at E3 so that the gaming press had an idea of what the full game would be like.
Blowup! never did see the light of day; potentially another victim of the Dreamcast's demise and the publisher just not seeing the return on investment on a game that would've likely not have seen shop shelves until 2001.
Unfortunately the demo will not load at the moment beyond the boot screen due to some missing texture files. But I have little doubt that if there is a way to get beyond these screens, the boffins working on it over on Dreamcast-Talk will find out soon enough. We will of course keep you updated here on the Junkyard!
In the meantime, it's fun to speculate on what this mouse wearing a Fez hat would get up to in Blowup!. He looks like a mischievous little blighter, don't you think? Maybe, judging by the second screen, he just fancies a game of pool? Muse away below or on Twitter.
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Anthony817Tuesday, December 22, 2020

There were also am earlier Bugs Squad before the Simpsons were tied to it and another called Roach World that has some more interesting files in there. Ian is working on trying to get them booting but seems to be missing some files.

Créditos: https://www.thedreamcastjunkyard.co.uk/2020/12/blowup-another-unknown-dreamcast-game.html?m=1



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