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Good bye Pleasuredome

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Pleasuredome, one of the world's most enduring ROM and emulation sites, has suddenly shut down after more than 15 years online. The torrent site first appeared in 2004 as the home of the MameFTP Group but over the weekend suddenly went offline, leaving thousands of users in the dark. Sources close to the site say there's "no drama" and quitting "while ahead" was the best option.

Sometime in 2004, a new site appeared hoping to provide a better service to fans of the growing video emulation scene. Acting as both a source and index for ROM and losslessly compressed CHD files (for the MAME emulator), Pleasuredome made emulation resources more accessible, supported by a growing community.

Right off the bat, Pleasuredome was billed as the home of the MameFTPGroup, a reference to the most popular emulator of the time and FTP, the-then favored format for file transfers. Pleasuredome listed plenty of FTP resources on its platform from around the world, from the United States and Canada through to Europe and Australia. The chart below shows how bandwidth-poor these servers were....

Leia mais: https://torrentfreak.com/rom-emulation-site-pleasuredome-shuts-down-after-15-years-of-gaming-210927/

Um dos Trackers mais antigos fechou as portas.😞
Por muitos anos baixei muitas coisas legais por lá e curtia muito o Fórum dos caras.
Era uma maravilha colocar a data de aniversário nas confgs. porque era um dia de tudo FREE para o aniversariante não ter de se preocupar com RATIO.
Uma pena. Gosto muito do segmente de bittorrent. Principalmente, coisas mais antigas.

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